I have boxes of journals in my closet dating back more than thirty years. The first one is smoke stained; it was sitting by the door when our neighbors were pulling what furniture they could from the front room before all was lost to the fire that destroyed our home in 1980.

That journal lasted me until the age of eight, at which point I began to write prolific adolescent entries. Then there are my young motherhood journals and scrapbooks, from back in the day when I had time to do such things. And while there is still a journal by my bed that contains deeply personal thoughts, it occurs to me that most of what I’d want to share with my children is on this blog.

It also occurs to me that there are a lot of things not on the blog that I might want them to know, but don’t particularly want them to search for in my more personal entries. (And yes, I kind of sort of hope another disaster claims the boxes in my closet. There might be some worthwhile things there, but most of it is probably teenaged drivel.)


I spent an entire day this week cutting and pasting the past three years of my blog  into a Word document. (Don’t tell me: you know of an easier way to do that…)

And I have a new blogging plan for 2011. My approach will be geared more towards my family, less towards random rambling thoughts and not at all toward social networking. Which, let’s face it, I abandoned long ago. I read a very few blogs anymore, and comment hardly ever. And I hate feeling like I can’t write in my own blog because I’m not holding up my end as a reader of other people’s blogs.

Here’s my plan so far (feel free to snicker up your sleeves when three postless weeks go by and you realize that once again, all my resolutions have fallen flat):

Saturdays: I will profile one of my children. I know, I know, yawn–it’s the digital equivalent of flipping out the ole wallet full of photos, but looking back over the archives, it’s something I wish I’d done more of.

Sunday: my post will reflect some of my deeper convictions I would like to pass on to my children.

Mondays-Fridays: I have a topic for every day that reflects my goals for this year,  not all of which you probably want to read about at this point, but if you follow along, you might catch on to a pattern.

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