Traveling 25 mph in a 70mph zone can make you feel a bit sheepish, even in the worst of winter weather. Especially when a steady stream of other vehicles flies past your own cautious little caravan and disappears into the blizzard ahead.

Until you see them in the ditch. I swear to you, I did not sneer anything out my window as I drove carefully past… Not one time. They all looked miserable enough, standing out in the driving ice and snow, cell phones pressed against their ears, surveying their hoodless/doorless/mutilated cars.

And yes, I would have stopped to help had there not been emergency vehicles already there.

As it was, it took us almost four hours to make a seventy minute trip home Saturday from Ellensburg, where we bought a car for my sixteen year old. I should take a picture, but it’s cold outside… and you already know what it looks like.

Three words: pop-up headlights.

That’s right. A 1988 white Honda Accord, with pop-up headlights and a black rubber strip down the side. Two door. Manual roll-down windows and doors that you have to lock with a key. Apparently the locking mechanism inside the car does not work. She points out that if she is ever accosted by a car jacker, that she will be completely at his mercy. And also that the trunk does not stay open, all by itself. Was this not a basic feature some 22 years ago?

I’m not really worried about carjackers honing in on this vehicle, quite honestly.

Five hundred dollars, people. That’s like… one car payment. It has brand new tires, clutching and breaking system and, my brother assures me, just about every other part that could possibly wear out in the near future. It wasn’t his car, but he’s done all the work on it over the past year or so, and I’m crossing my fingers he knew what he was doing.

Now I just have to teach her to drive a standard…

6 responses to “Cars

  • ironyonhighheels

    That is so nice of you 😉 I would have sneered out of the window with an unattractive laughter.

    For a first car I think that’s totally acceptable. Mine wasn’t much more expensive either. And even though it was 89-model it was super reliable. I brought it from mild German weather to -20C (about -4F) and it still worked perfectly. If I hadn’t had that crash it probably still would run without any big troubles.

  • Freedom Smith

    $500 dollars for a car? That is fabulous. I love the “roll down” windows. I do not know if my kids have ever seen those.

    I am glad you did not slide off the side of the road. Mr hit black ice last year and the van went off the side of the mountain and down about 40 feet. But he was OK and the van only got dented. We were very lucky.

  • kimkiminy

    Wow, what a deal! And driving stick is a very important life skill. I’ve been flabbergasted by someone who simply cannot drive a particular car because it’s not an automatic transmission! Seriously? 🙂

  • Alicia

    There’s a bad storm?! Sounds like the typical starter car.

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