Eyes Of Fire

You know those ridiculous looking terrycloth headbands everyone wore in middle school? I remember wondering what in the world you’d need a headband for. I thought it was one of those bizarre styles inherent to the eighties. I didn’t realize that people actually exerted themselves enough to require wearing absorbent mini towels about their brow.

Turns out it’s a real phenomenon. As I was running last night, some deep part of my consciousness was reinventing these things. I was thinking, “You know, it’d be really nice if there wasn’t firewater dripping into my eyes right now… this probably isn’t what the manufacturer has in mind when they talk about lubricating the treadmill occasionally… Maybe I should carry a towel…I wonder if I could…” And that’s right about when the image of Sylvester Stallone popped into my head and it all made sense.

So I looked it up, wondering if you can still buy these things. I’ve haven’t actually seen one in use since middle school, and those kids, let me tell you, did not do a whole lot of sweating. Maybe that’s my problem…maybe the people I hang out with have an antipathy towards sweat? Anyway. I looked it up. And lo and behold, they do exist. In a horrifying array of colors. You can even buy them USED. I kid you not–the first shopping results I saw were for used sport headbands. Can you imagine? Uhg.

Here’s a question–what were the wrist bands for? To prevent sweat dripping onto your nails?

8 responses to “Eyes Of Fire

  • angie

    Having spent my life avoiding activities that cause me to sweat, I’m not an expert. I would wear the wrist band to use to wipe the sweat off of my brow so that I didn’t have to wear the headband! See, I’m sweat free AND vain!

  • psphoenix

    hahahahahah! You crack me up! The wrist bands are for wiping your forhead- or fingertips if you need better grip on say- a basketball or something. But. They work wonderful when cleaning a shower too. Just wear them and the water doesn’t run up your arm- down your pits and into your bra- WHEN you are cleaning and scrubbing a shower, and your arms are above your head. Old knee pads work great when you have to be on your hands and kneese scrubbing a floor.

  • Kate

    I had the same epiphany while running one day. I never did understand what those headbands were for until then.

    psphoenix–Great idea for the wristbands!

  • linda

    The 80’s were such a confused fashion time. All those neon colors and exercise clothes. I remember everyone wearing the track suits with the stripe down the leg of the pants (and sides of the jacket). Was there a point to those?
    And watch out – I see stores trying to foist that time of merchandise off on unsuspecting consumers again – but now you all know better, right??

  • Alicia

    LOL!! I wondered about those too… (never seen them used… but in movies…) Now it makes sense! It’s funny how we don’t realize things, and take them for silly.

  • kimkiminy

    Gross – who would sell their used sweatbands? That’s a great idea with the wristbands. Could be a “Hint from Heloise.”

  • Freedom Smith

    I remember the sweatbands on the forehead!! Also on the wrist. Maybe the one on the wrist is to wipe across the face. I never questioned it before, lol!

    Some of our Varsity Volleyball girls wore bandanas around their foreheads and that reminded me of the sweatbands that you are talking about! I figured it was to keep the sweat out of their eyes because they played so hard.

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