The Ring

If you’ve been hanging around here very long you might remember a year or so back when I had to cut my wedding ring off with a pair of tin snips or risk losing the finger itself to my own fatness…

But that was 25 pounds ago. Today I sent the DaughterDriver downtown to pick up the repaired (to its original size) wedding ring:

And yes, it fits! (By the way, my seven year old thinks I have “grandma hands”… Is that a compliment?)

Just for fun (and maybe to rebut the seven year old’s opinion) here’s the ring, seventeen years ago:

8 responses to “The Ring

  • ladywise

    Oh, that is so wonderful Kimber! I’ve got tears in my eyes! I’m so proud of you for doing all the work you have done to loose that weight and sticking with it.

    And tell the 7 year old that grandma hands have wiped many tears and hugged many necks and held many 7 year old hands.

  • Freedom Smith

    You have gorgeous hands! Isn’t that terrific that it fits again and it is fixed. I know you are going to enjoy wearing it!

  • psphoenix

    sometimes I chuckle at the parallel lives we live. Right now I am wearing a costume jewelry heart shaped ring. My wedding ring’s prongs, after 16 years of constat use (and abuse) started to get too thin. Last Saturday, T and I took in his ring (that was cut because of surgery) and sold it to the jewler and he melted it down and added to my rings- restoring them to wedding day condition. (We picked a different ring for him a few months ago.) I get to pick up my rings tomorrow. I had to have a ring on- I felt absoutly naked without it. So before we even got home we stopped and bought a fun temporary. My rings finger’s the same size too!

  • psphoenix

    OH. AND LADY YOU HAVE BEAUTIFUL HANDS! For as much as your hands do I am shocked they don’t look a bit more like mine (picture the witch from Snow White…)

  • kimkiminy

    Grandma hands?!? I don’t think so. Yours looks softer and younger than seventeen years ago!

  • Alicia

    YAY!!!! It’s a beautiful ring.
    My dad can’t wear his wedding band because his fingers got too thick. I think he really should invest in a new one. He bought my mom a new one for Valentines day a while ago.

  • Emmy

    I agree, you have really nice hands. You must be taking good care of them. Nice ring and what a treasure.

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