Still Standing, Part II

The sixteen-year old got her license yesterday, which meant I didn’t have to drive to soccer practice. You realize what this means, don’t you? I saved two hours last night. Two hours.

I may never run another errand–or at least not until the novelty of driving wears off. It’s amazing.

Of course, she also thought of a pressing reason to burn another half a tank of gas or so running around this morning. C’est la vie. Such is the price of having your own personal valet, I suppose. I’ll find out later today exactly how much that price is, when I add her to the insurance policy. Eeek.

On another note —although, not really, because if she hadn’t been driving, I wouldn’t have had time—I had my first encounter with a treadmill last night. And yes, there was much snickering from the peanut gallery as I tried to stay on my feet for a while.

I never claimed to be the most co-ordinated outfit in the closet. Just persistent. And it paid off. I even figured out—after about 45 minutes—that I didn’t have to walk or run at one of the 12 pre-set speeds. That’s what those big up and down arrows under “SPEED” are for. Right next to the incline button.

I climbed 650 feet and traveled 4 miles. In 75 minutes. Egad. I know. What happened? I swear their calculations were off. That or mine are for real world distances. And according to the display, I only burned 450 calories. Yeesh. What is that? One bagel? And another thing–why does it take me an hour to really get warmed up and feeling good? One can only dedicate so much time to these things. Why can’t I feel that good a bit earlier on in the process?

As far as actual treadmilling, though, I have to admit that I’m pretty much won over. Besides the obvious weather/daylight factors, my joints and shins loved the cushioning, and it was really nice to have water within reach without worrying about how fast my body was going to process it, if I drank some. The biggest problem I foresee is that there is never a good place for a treadmill. Ever. It will always be big, ugly, and in the way. Then again, the other option is that I’m the big one….

13 responses to “Still Standing, Part II

  • Mandy K Court

    the calories burned seem really low. If you are really interested in how many calories you burned there are lots of online calculators….although I’m not so sure what ones are any more accurate, they all seem to vary. I’ve been told that a heart rate monitor is your best bet.

  • mlmomof3

    This is so awesome, two hours really?? You have your own personal chauffer!

  • psphoenix

    LOVE the comment – it’s always going to be big ugly and in the way then again the other option is that I’M the big one
    love it! I have gone back and forth- treadmill or eliptical. I have no distance goal in running- so the eliptical sounds good. But in rainy weather our dog could be trained to use the treadmill. If I get an eliptical I still have to walk the dog. humm.
    I still love your last statement- it makes me chuckle. the other option…

    • kimberlybbert

      I tried out different elliptical several nights–I didn’t like it. One of them just didn’t fit my stride–my legs were too far apart or something. The other one fit, but my toes really hurt after a while–it’s like your toes get jammed down inside your shoes or something. I’d definitely try it out a few times, if you can, before you buy one. Maybe get on one at a gym–just tell them you want a test drive or something. I LOVE this treadmill. Love it. I really like that it will fit any sized stride, too.

  • Ruth

    Remember when you got your own keys? The evening you got your licence you older brother wanted to give you his (he was sick of going to cub scouts or piano, etc) and I refused to let him. I told him I would get you your own. For a while I had to bribe him by breaking the hard and fast rule of only family in the car for errands and let Natalie or whoever go too – and in-between drop off and pick up they could do whatever they wanted – usually run another errand for me!

  • Alicia

    LOL! I’m the youngest, so I never really had to cart anybody anywhere. But my Mom did send me a few places. Plus my sister is only a year and a half older than me… and we got our licenses at the same time. :/ Sister claimed the car. :O SO… I was demoted from that position of errand-running. Wait… THAT’S when she’d let me drive. 😛

    I’m glad the treadmill helped you! 😀 😀 It’s a whole ton better than trying to run outside. >.< I don't like cars going by me and seeing me fall over with exhaustion. 😛

  • Flamingo Dancer

    most co-ordinated outfit in the closet.

  • Freedom Smith

    Ah, my world changed for the better once my oldest son could drive. My kids had a ride to and from school. No more carting him to his events. It was and has continued to be a lifesaver! I am looking forward to have another, perhaps two drivers in April! Ah, how awesome. Such a help.

    You will save money if you do not add the child a the main driver on a car! But, if you have three cars, you will have to. If not, just add her as a sometimes driver and keep you and your husband as the main drivers. The insurance increase was not as bad as I expected.

  • Freedom Smith

    Oh, and treadmills. Aren’t they great. We have ours next to a window and facing the TV. You are right, there is never a good place for one. We did roll ours into the utility room when my youngest had her sleepover. But it usually stays right where it is parked. We are used to it.

  • kimkiminy

    The novelty of driving won’t wear off for a couple-three years, so take advantage while you can.
    You also don’t have to worry about throwing up in public.

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