A Bit of Groveling….


I wasn’t going to do this, but I see no other option:

I’ve been researching scholarships since last year at this time, right? Not much out there for Grad students. But there was this one from WordPress and Lenovo–University of Bloggers.

Up for grabs? Twenty thousand dollars.  What do I have to do? Set a goal and blog about it.

So I’ve been doing that. Rather silently. But it turns out that one third of total score comes from readership. That’s people like you. And hopefully everyone you can possibly talk into clicking on this link in the next week or so: Kimber’s Running Blog. Click through a post or two–it’s powered by wordpress, so I know they can tell how many people visit it. They are also looking at comments that spark conversation–so feel free to sign in and comment.  I should have posted the link a month ago, I know, because it’s almost over. But feel free to click around. Lots. And maybe tell your sympathetic friends.


Have you had enough groveling for one day?

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