Get Your Own ‘Pod

I’ve received a lot of advice about to treadmill or not to treadmill.

All of it has been very wise.

But all of it also bows under the weight of one, overriding consideration: I can’t afford one.


I’m settling for an iPod that costs about 15 percent of a treadmill and is infinitely more portable. And some D batteries for my neighbor’s elliptical. I’ll continue to run outside when the weather co-operates, and I’ll download some infinitely mind expanding wisdom for the ‘Pod so I don’t absolutely die of boredom in her garage for the rest of the time.


And since I ordered it from the Apple store and personalization was free, I had it engraved:

This is Your Mother Speaking:

Get Your Own ‘Pod.


Now to wrangle my own set of earbuds. The checker at Walmart says she bought some really hideous over the ear ones and her teens won’t touch them with a ten-foot-pole…

11 responses to “Get Your Own ‘Pod

  • ladywise

    You are too funny Kimber. As long as you run that’s all that matters.

  • Freedom Smith

    I love buying directly from Apple because of the engraving option!! I hope you find some earbuds that are just horrible looking so the kids won’t use them…the over the ear kind sound like they would work!!! LOL.

  • Emmi

    Cheers, the bonus of saving money is a good one. I have to improvise during the cold / dark months and run at a local park or just around the block. I love that all I need is sneakers and my old jogging gear, and I’m out the door. No skis, no briefcase, no dumb bicycling uniform or expensive shoes. Take that, overpriced footwear.

    • kimberlybbert

      I’ve been wondering about footwear–does it matter what I wear? Will it help my shins if I wear something better than my ten year old sneakers? What do you recommend?

      • Emmi

        Yes and yes. I just learned this lesson the hard way. I had a pair of Montrail Juras that I loved. Wore them running for 4,700 miles, until the sole actually detatched from the right shoe while I was running.

        I estimate I damaged my knees, back and feet by being so stubborn.

        We stopped into a New Balance store and had a nice Russian exchange student help us – we would have bought the shoes cheaper online if he hadn’t been so wonderful – we spent about $90 for these shoes.

        But I think you can get some cheaper – I hear Vasque is quite good, Montrail and Merrill have good reputations also.

        Sorry to babble on, it just takes some research to get the shoes that you deserve and at a reasonable price. My friend Bones swears by REI online. If I think of any other good places, I’ll let you know.

        Good to find out if you have flat feet like me (80 or more percent of people have flat feet, which means you need a special support for your arches – it will save your back).

        If you see a doctor on a regular basis maybe ask him or her next time so you don’t have to pay someone to consult you. It’s worth knowing.

  • Emmi

    ps The best things you can do for your shins is to avoid running on pavement. I do so sometimes but at short intervals. Try to find a dirt, gravel or campus running track.

    pps Forgot to mention, New Balance store has a foot machine at some branches where they check your arch for free. I’d go ahead and buy some inexpensive interval shoes and then do some research. I’ll let you know if I come up with anything else – these NB shoes I bought are intervals so far as I’m concerned too.

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