Three weeks into this running thing and I’ve missed three days this week already. And I’ve gained a pound.

This does not bode well.

In all fairness, the first day I missed was Sunday and I never run on Sundays.

The second day was Tuesday, and I had twelve children under the age of four in my care for 14 hours. Would you have gone running? And I don’t mean, in the opposite direction, screaming.  By the time they all left it was getting dark. And cold. And well, Monday’s run was gut wrenching.

But I swear to you, if it hadn’t been dark and cold and tripod hadn’t been lurking, I’d have gone anyway, wrenched guts or no.

Wednesday. Yesterday. Four-thirty in the afternoon. All but one child had been picked up, and my husband was going out the door with my nine-year-old to soccer practice.  The kid sidles up to me and while picking at the seams on his ball, he says, “Mom, I want you to go with me.”

“You want me to go to soccer practice?”


Oh. Okay. I grab my sneakers and set my sixteen year old on door duty to watch for the late childcare parent. I’ll run up Cascade hill while he practices.

And then it occurs to me to wonder: why does he want me to go to soccer practice with him? Is it because I’ve had class during every one of his games so far? Does he want his mother to actually see him handle the ball?

I ask; he does.


So I leave my sneakers in the van and I sit on the sidelines and I have no idea what’s going on, but I grin and give him a thumbs up when he checks to see if I’m watching.

It starts to rain, but I could still go running. Who knows, with water in the air, maybe my throat won’t Velcro itself together.

But on the way home we remember that he has cub scouts. I have just enough time to drop him off (twenty minutes late), go home and get my other kids and drop them off at their scout meetings, before I remember: it’s my twelve year old’s birthday in less then four hours. No present yet. No apple pie made (he’s a freak—but hey, I don’t like birthday cakes either). Nothing prepared.

We don’t get homework and reading done and bedsheets readjusted until 9:30.

Today is another day.

It’s also J’s birthday. And I still don’t have a pie made.

I might have to get a treadmill.



10 responses to “Uhg

  • psphoenix

    You live a packed life. I am amazed that you found time earlier- during daylight hours to run. With where you live it is so dark early in the morning and so dark in the evening during the winter, I would totally encourage you to get a treadmill. The kind that reads your heart rate and tells all the cool things like how many calories you burned, etc..You won’t be getting any fresh air- but no tripod either and you won’t be running for your life in the dark.

  • ladywise

    Yes, I agree you need a treadmill too. You can still go running when you have time, which you have very little of it seems, but at least you can run every day that way. Winter is just around the corner so you are definitely going to need the treadmill.

  • Jodie

    Your an amazing woman!

  • jayne crook

    You NEED a treadmill. As the mother of 5 children, I have one in my basement. I prefer to run outside with my friends. But. There are those days that it’s pouring outside at 5:30 am so I head downstairs. And most all of winter I abuse the poor thing with daily use. It’s also handy when you have days like you do that are crazy and hectic. It’s easier to head downstairs for some reason. Like mentally it takes less time. But it does allow you to run at odd times without having to deal with darkness, strange people (except those that live with you), and other oddities that pop up. Get one. You won’t regret it. And a bonus? Paying for one will help you to actually get on it those days when you really feel like not exercising. The guilt alone will get you moving!

  • kimkiminy

    First of all, if you never run on Sundays then it doesn’t count.
    Second, I agree with the folks above. And Tripod isn’t going to go away.

  • Freedom Smith

    Wow, you are truly amazing. I am impressed that you were observant and caring enough to figure out why your son wanted you to come to practice. I have no idea how you have the energy to ever run, doing the work that you do while also keeping your home running and getting your children to the places they need to go. You get an award in my book.

    I have a treadmill and it is wonderful. The nice thing is that other members of the family have also used it. I had my girls walk on is this summer. Mr has walked on it. We even had Starbuck, our dog, walking on it (and loving it too!). We bought ours at Walmart and it was the lowest price around. Be sure to get one with a motor. We looked at the used ones and they cost more, unless they had no motor. I asked people on facebook about it and was told by the people that had treadmills that the ones without motors were not worth the money. So we went with a new one from Walmart, the cheapest one they sold and it is great!

  • Emmi

    If you want my 2 cents, don’t get a treadmill. It’s soul-sucking. Running outdoors will change your life. I know how you feel, when I get a single afternoon off from work, the sky turns black and it starts to hail lightning if I even THINK about a run.

    However – don’t despair. Andrew Weil gave some good advice, stressing about not getting to exercise makes everything worse.

    The most time-consuming thing I found was setting up a schedule. If you can possibly manage it, fit it in wherever you can then think about a realistic time.

    Sorry to ramble on, but the benefits of running outside have made me quite grateful.

    • kimberlybbert

      I totally agree with you. Not to mention wallet sucking. SO many people I know have trouble with them, and then what do you do? They weigh a ton, so it’s a pain to return or get serviced. Unfortunately, I also work during all daylight hours from October to March or so; unfortunately, the skunks and dogs don’t hibernate, either, so it’s almost impossible to run outdoors. Grrr.

  • Alicia

    I’ve tried running outside. I always feel so ridiculous; because I keep stopping and trying to prevent my exercise asthma from kicking in. XD

    I know how you feel, it seems that everything seems to get in the way of exercise.

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