Crafting the Impersonal Personal

First day of school for everyone but my fifteen year old, and she is on a cleaning rampage. Yes!!! I remember doing that at her age when I was home from school.

Everyone else has hauled their (collective) six hundred pencils, thirty six glue sticks, a cart full of tissue and ziplock bags, three hundred pens, thirty markers, fifty five erasers, forty notebooks, etc, etc, off to school. Well, everyone but the 8 toddlers who are dozing around my feet.
And me? I'm only blogging because I'm avoiding a homework assignment. 
I have to write a Classroom Management Plan and a Personal Philosophy of Education Statement. 
Are you ready?
It can't have any I statements in it. 

As in "I believe" or think, or feel, or hope. Just supposed to write it like it's gospel truth I guess. "Students learn best when they are…"  Whatever. 
Why call it a Personal Philosophy Statement?
Enough griping. Get back to work. Tick Tock Tick Tock.

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6 responses to “Crafting the Impersonal Personal

  • Kimmers

    Lordy. Thank you, Kimber, for reminding me, yet again, why I cannot tolerate the university system. Oy.

  • Freedom Smith

    You should have the wonder mom cartoon on your page!!! Goodness gracious.

  • ladywise

    I am going to write a poem about you (just because I know you don’t like them! lol) You are something else lady. You absolutely crack me up!

  • Emmi

    Yay, cleaning! Lovely. I tried to be organized, still do, not always sucessful.

    Sooo glad to see you here, Kimber. Cheers.

  • Flamingo Dancer

    HELLO! so excited to have located you!

  • freedomsmith5

    Ah, hey, Kimber!! I have a long list and am trying to match the Vox names with my list of wordpress blogs. I kept racking my brain about who Mental Maytag was, lol. Fortunately, I had you already in my blog surfer so I found a comment, came to your blog, and then I knew. So, hi. So glad we are all here. So many of us. I am confused by the name changes but I have a list so that should help. I found that is you add people to the blog surfer, they go into the readomattic and the readomattic is kind of like our neighborhood, showing the latest posts. Have a great day!!

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