I have an idea:

Call your child care provider at 10pm and wake her up to let her know you'll be at her house shortly after five a.m. the next morning. Because otherwise, she'll probably be out on a walk or in the shower or something important like that when you come. 

And then don't show up at all. And don't call. Just waste her priceless time and sap her energy by preventing that walk and that shower with your self-centered behavior.
And be sure you're on State pay, too, because then she can't even charge you for not showing up. 
I didn't say it was a good idea… 

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10 responses to “Snarl…

  • Emmi

    You have to wonder what kind of entitled life these people live when they behave like this.

  • Jodie

    How inconsiderate and disrespectful to you. What is it with people and their manners these days?? To wake you up to ensure you will be ready for their kids in the morning THEN to no show?? Holy cow – how rude!

  • Louise

    I think it is called lack of respect. Not a good idea. Unfortunately it is universal.

  • Kimber

    Some of them most certainly do! She called me later that afternoon: "Just wanted to say sorry–I just couldn't get out of bed this morning, so I didn't go into work."

  • Kimber

    Yeah! I'd probably have been less upset if it hadn't been the one morning in the week that Riley doesn't come at 4am! I'm glad you signed up! I can never remember the link to your blog–maybe you should post it under your profile here, and then I can get to it easier.

  • Kimber

    The kind of entitled life where you and I are paying for their food, their rent, their childcare, their gas money, their medical and dental, etc. etc. etc… Which is why she can afford to skip work simply because "she couldn't get out of bed." I shouldn't judge, I know, but grrrrr.

  • Emmi

    No excuse for it. The rest of us have to work for money, in fact I used to work for half of what I needed and no health insurance. I now work for the government and I remind myself every day (when I get up and work) that the citizens are paying my salary – so if they request something from me, I make sure they get it. And it seems like the system rewards lazy people. Grr indeed.

  • Flamingo Dancer

    Most times, in Australia the amount gets deducted and the card handed back with the remaining amount to be used another time. We never get money back, just 12 months to use up the entire gift card. Rip Off! If she was a good saleperson she would have suggested to you to go and top up and spend beyond the $10!
    I would complain too … and punch and maybe even bite…all done with complete style of course

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