When the Kids Get Their Hands on the Camera:

So I've been meaning to post some of our vacation pictures in my spare time >insert hysterical laughter< and since I'm apparently allergic to the entire month of August in this town and so find myself awake when I should be asleep even with the assistance of my inhaler–which cost more than 200% more than the last one I purchased, thank you very much corporate America–here I type. 

I'd put them in a better order, but then I'd have to sort them, which would probably involve putting in my contacts, or finding my specs, and I'd rather not. The ghoulish light from this screen only illuminates so far…
So. What have we here? Ah, yes. After 36 hours of scenes such as this, I began to seriously question theories of overpopulation:
The kids spent a lot of time using my camera, which netted me a lot of pictures like this one:
Note the boredom of the kid in the background. Those are his knees he's banging his forehead on, yes. That's my seven year old, and he took this next picture. I totally missed these granaries, or water towers, whatever they are:
Oh, and of course they spent a lot of time documenting different uses for leftover explosives:

 My twelve-year-old did a lot of experiments with prolonged exposure, and fire shots:
The Columbia River, close to home (and really, really cold, even in July):
And the Pack River above Sandpoint Idaho, where I wrote my essays:

There's more to the river than this–it just moves to a new channel, every year–the white roof is our little cabin. Some years, you come down the steps into the river. Some years you have to hike.The mountains are mostly sand, and not very stable. The swimming hole is behind the camera, this year. Last year it was directly in front, where the big rock is in the center.

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