Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Keep Your Hands In the Vehicle at All Times

So, the stalking worked. Just call and make yourself a pain in somebody's neck, and voila–daughter has no more evening classes. Hooray! Sitting in that registration session, looking around at all the heavily pierced and tattooed slouchers in the room–I think there were three other young people out of one hundred there who might look a person in the eye–I was a little concerned about my fifteen year old walking across that campus every night at 9:30. 

I attended the first bout of my own classes last weekend–more of an opening ceremony than class, I think. There are ten of us in the graduate cohort; I'll be with these nine people for the next five semesters, assuming nobody else drops out. One lady didn't make it through our second day before she dropped, and there are a couple others who won't surprise me if they do, but the rest seem pretty solid. It feels so good to sit in a room with adults and carry on an intelligent, focused discussion!  I'm loving it. 
I'm also possibly in over my head. A full-time load is considered 6 credits and I am registered for 13. Why? Because that's how the credits fall unless I want to wait until after graduation to take the classes I need for the endorsements  I want my license to carry. And I don't. So I won't. I register for the classes and I read every waking moment and I hang on for dear life. Don't knock it. You ride your roller coasters, I'll take my classes.
Actually, I have two weeks before classes really start to study during, and I've cut back again on my childcare load, so we should be good. Busy, but feasible. (We'll insert that disclaimer, just in case the dean who gave me permission to take the overload has somehow come across this blog…)

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11 responses to “Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Keep Your Hands In the Vehicle at All Times

  • Random Musings

    Good luck, Kimber! Taking a double load is very scary to me. I wish you all the best.

  • P.S.

    You'll do great. I did that one semester. I turned into a total machine, and got the best grades of my life. Good times- amazing memories.

  • Kimmers

    Impressive! Hang in there!

  • Alicia

    WHOW!! Are you doing a half semester? I'm praying for you. Praying hard. I could barely do 14 during a normal semester, and I'm a undergrad!!!

  • Alicia

    PS. You're amazing. Huzzah.

  • Kimber

    No it's a full semester–I think they just enumerate the credits differently for grads; there is one class I took that had undergrads in it, and they got five undergrad credits, while I got two graduate credits. They had slightly different assignments–like their papers were shorter and didn't have to have as many scholarly journal references, etc.

  • Alicia

    Oh, dear, now it sounds even harder. :S

  • Kimber

    Isn't that the truth–we tend to perform best under pressure–the rest of the time I always think I have a few more days… I'll get to that later… Turn up the pressure and I become very efficient!

  • Kimber

    Or insane… No, I really am enjoying the challenge, in spite of the pressure!

  • Emmi

    Good on you for keeping pressure on the Registrar. Campuses can be dangerous, although I've taken a few defense workshops and it seems worth it no matter what. Schools of all ilks try to screw students through new editions of books / expensive texts and all manner of money bilking.
    Huge contrats about beginning classes! Overloads are scary – but I managed to graduate on time, and by then I had nearly lost my mind from stress. 5 semesters is plenty. I feel soooooo sorry for my cohort who are still in there. They are burned out beyond recognition. The ones who took the full load of courses got out in a timely fashion and are happy. Myself included although I did not take as many credits as some people.
    They always try to weed out as many as possible at the beginning. I feel so sorry for the students who fall for it. I want to tell them: they're not going to assign 7 books each week the whole semester, dummy! It was just to scare you. The biology classes found the professors having fun taking us on ridicoulous and very wet hikes as well.
    Oh, the stories you'll tell! 😉

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