Stalking the Registrar

Took my daughter to New Student Registration yesterday at the college. Two hours of talk, and here's your pin so you can register. The pin was her birthday!!!! We could have registered online months ago, had we known that–you know, back when there were actually classes open? 

She ended up with a one-hour class in the middle of the day, and an evening class–seven to nine-thirty at night, and an online English class.
Bizarre. Everything else was full. And they have eight more registration sessions scheduled! What? There aren't any more classes! I'm assuming they will have to add sections. We will be stalking them for the next few weeks…

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7 responses to “Stalking the Registrar

  • Freedom Smith

    Darn. Wish she was at the college where Mr is the registrar. He bends over backwards to help students get the classes they need and the information they need. So sorry you had a bad experience!!!!!!!

  • Emmi

    Don't even get me started on this. The registrar at my grad school forced me to pay $800 for a semester that took place after I graduated. Haven't seen that promised refund yet, almost a year later. Total scumbags.
    If I can offer some advice – keep a written log of everything that they do, and if they make promises, get it in writing. These are the slime of the earth.

  • Emmi

    LOL I just read your comment, FS, I should have said, some of them are slime, not all. 😀

  • Freedom Smith

    LOL! I know that every school is different.

  • P.S.

    I have experienced this. Ugh. What a nightmare. try going 2 1/2 years to one college- graduating then trying to find classes other than freshman classes available at the next school. The colleges demand that registration of classes goes on how many years the student has been at their college- verses what year they transfer in at. Total nightmare semester. I think I even took badmitton. so that the next quarter I'd be in a better position to attempt to get the classes I needed. All a learning process- I so pose. The tough get tougher and the whimps- give up.

  • Flamingo Dancer

    What a crazy system! Here you apply for certain courses and within those courses are all the core subjects and electives – and they always make sure there are enough classes for students. They don't oversubscribe. I hated night classes. I had one that was 5-7pm which I hated but daughter once had one that was 7-9!

  • Kimber

    I'm going to suggest that to someone! The university I'm attending does the same thing–I just figured it had to do with the smaller demand for graduate spots, but now I'm thinking…why not do this at our community college, as well? It drives me nuts that they accept more kids than they can honestly take.

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