An Open (well, mostly open) Invitation

At the beginning of the summer, P.S. was traveling through Moses Lake, and joined me on my morning walk a few days in a row. Last night, Mandy came flying through and spent the night with her munchkins. 
My vox neighbors, in real life! How blessed is that?
Who's next? We're right on the freeway between hither and yon…if you're ever headed through, drop me a line!

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6 responses to “An Open (well, mostly open) Invitation

  • Emmi

    Oh darn, I wish we were closer! Ditto on the invite, though! If we ever visit out that way, we'll bring cookies!

  • Kimmers

    Wow – how cool! (Where is Moses Lake?)

  • Flamingo Dancer

    Daughter2' s off to USA in a fortnight for 3 weeks. She wants to swap laptops with me as mine is very small – so my laptop is going to USA before me. Sigh. The closest I will get to any overseas tripping for awhile.

  • Kimber

    Peanut butter/chocolate chip please…I'm having a hunkering this week. I don't dare make them, though, because I've already gained my limit of summer weight this year, and it's barely August. (Aren't you supposed to gain in the winter? Why am I always so backwards?)

  • Kimber

    We're on I90 halfway between Spokane and Seattle, Washington; chances are, if you are going to Seattle by ground, and you aren't coming from anywhere on the West coast, you go through Moses. If a major disaster ever strikes Seattle, everyone is going to end up here, because this is about where you run out of gas, coming from that direction!

  • Kimber

    Oh, but we already agreed that I'm coming to visit you, one day! By the way, I have to tell you that I got my first semester grades back this week: 99.5%. I thought of you–your experience going back to school really did influence my own return, and I couldn't risk being added to your stick list by being a miserable failure, so. I worked extra hard, with that in mind. You think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. Thank you!

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