Still Kicking

Last Monday in July….

Home: yes.

Alive: yes!
Retrieved daughter from university campus twelve hours away: check.
Packed off son to week long scout camp: check.
Confirmed, once and for all, that camping is really, really bad for my complexion: doh!

Also confirmed, somehow, in the midst of the chaos, that my kids are all decent, surprisingly funny, cooperative human beings: I knew that…I did.
Suffering from the concussive effects of 36 cumulative hours of driving in a car with 7-8 other people  (decent, funny, cooperative–yes, but surprisingly aromatic) while attempting to compose three different essays–Dostoevsky, Mallarme, and Silko–in my head and on paper napkins and on the palms of my hands: uh-huh. 
Submitted essays before due date: yes!

Laid awake all night agonizing about submitting essays, such as they were: duh.
Back at work: Yup.
Already perusing the graduate studies catalog for possible sources of further self-inflicted torture: come on, what did you expect?

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9 responses to “Still Kicking

  • Emmi

    Literature and camping….such an odd combination, but somehow it works. Throw some Thoreau in there and it will all make sense (I'm sure he wrote on the palm of his hand many times, LOL)!
    Not surprised your kids are lovely people. Just keep them away from technology for as long as possible!
    I envy your pursuits – we should all aim that high.

  • Kimber

    I know! The pull of technology is insidious and draining. So much good they can get from it, but so much danger as well–what a balancing act! I don't honestly know if I'd have made it through those essays, actually, without the river to go kick around ideas by and the mountains to look up at. I'd be all in knots, go for a little turn around the riverbank or the fire pit, and everything would suddenly make sense!

  • Ladywise

    I'm glad you got your essays done and what a great place to do it. I've lived on the river and there is nothing that compares to the sound of that constant flow of water close by. It's soothing. I'm glad you are back though!

  • Mandy

    Hey guess what? in a week my crew and I will be arriving at your place! I'm glad you had a good vacation, now it's my turn. Hopefully my kids will be as well behaved as yours πŸ™‚

  • Kimber

    I know! Looking forward to seeing the baby! Do you know any details yet? If I remember right, you needed a place Tuesday night, or Wednesday or both?

  • Kimber

    And hey, if you're coming down through Sandpoint, ID be sure to stop at Dubs for lunch!

  • Mandy

    We will be arriving Tuesday evening and will be on our way some time on Wednesday. Time wise we really don't have anything set in stone…time doesn't exist in my husbands world. I think we'll call you Tuesday morning to let you know where we are at and give you a better idea on when we will be arriving. I guess that means I'll need your phone #, if you could email that to me.

  • Alicia

    Dostoevsky? Oooo. How did you like that? Read him this semester too.

  • Emjay

    Once again I am convinced that you are some sort of superwoman! πŸ™‚

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