If you ever drive through Sandpoint Idaho, there's this joint called "Dub's Drive In" Or maybe it's just called Dubs. Depends on what t-shirt I'm looking at….
Just to give you an idea of the menu: A child's meal consists of a cheeseburger big enough that an adult needs two hands to manage it, along with an order of fries I could only eat half of, a shake/smoothie/or soda, and an ice cream cone. It's called a baby cone, but it's the size of McDonald's regular cone. 
If you want a large cone, it's listed on the menu, too, for a whopping $1.60. 
That one, however, is at least a foot tall; no joke. They will offer to serve it to you upside down in a giant styrofoam cup. Accept. There is no way you can balance a quart of soft serve ice cream on an itty, bitty cone. You should see them make the dipped cones. You think there is no way they can dip it, without losing the thing, but somehow they manage it.
And it's good. The burgers are handmade and the shakes fresh fruit and the ice cream heavenly. 
Just in case you're ever headed through, and you're hungry . . . and cheap . . .

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8 responses to “Dubs

  • Freedom Smith

    I find some of the proportion sizes offered these days are amazing. What you describe sounds perfect for my family. They sure can put down the grub! I am amazed that they are not rolling around. I suppose it is because they are active. But I sure cannot eat that much. Of course, the family loves that because they get to finish up my meals as well. The huge ice cream cone sounds way too good to pass up, though. I would not be sharing that!

  • Kimmers

    Sounds amazing. I love places like that.

  • Ladywise

    Yummy yummy good for my tummy! (NOT!)

  • Mandy

    Oh yummy! we will make the time to stop in Sandpoint on our way through to your place. That sounds like just the kind of place that Daniel loves. I just checked google maps to see if it was on our planned route and it is! how convenient is that?

  • Kimber

    Yeah–next time I'm going to order kids meals for all of us–plus maybe one big burger for Marty maybe. And probably half as many cones, too! We threw more than half of it all away.

  • Emjay

    I don't "get" why servings have to be so big. I understand value for money but I also understand how much money is spent on fixing obesity health problems later on. Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad if we were not such lazy beings now. 🙂

  • Kimber

    Amen! I bought salad plates instead of dinner plates a few months ago for that very reason–dinner plates are enormous now days and invite obscene serving sizes! I was in an antique store and the antique dinner plates are the size of our salad plates. I'm hoping my kids will eat a little bit less.

  • Alicia

    Idaho is my food hero. XD

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