No More Excuses

Tell me if this doesn't look like a recipe for disaster:

Okay, I don't know if there were actually five hundred. But picture this crowd, all the way around the lake, both directions. All of them with actual fishhooks on their lines. I can't believe nobody got (seriously) hurt.
I took my youngest to the annual kid's fish-in:
For five bucks, you can take your kid to this thing. They give you a shirt, a fishing rod (to keep) and you can catch two fish. They'll take your picture:

And even clean them for you. Which you didn't actually have to watch if you positioned your fingers just right:
We fished, we cooked, we ate, we now have a favorite shirt. 
I had to wash it that night so he could wear it again, the next day. 
And now we own a fishing rod. 

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7 responses to “No More Excuses

  • Kimmers

    Wow, that's a good price for all that! I would certainly worry about hooks getting into unfortunate places with all those people jammed together. We have a fishing derby coming up at my lake, and I'm dreading it… (so not a kid person.)

  • ken

    rainbow trout.? my fork and knife are always ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LBeeeze

    What a bargain!! It really is amazing that no one got fish hooked.

  • Kimber

    It is a great deal! I was really surprised at the quality of pole they were handing out. And hey, I'd pay $5 just to have them clean the fish! Good luck with the derby. Eeek. I'd go nuts in charge of one of those.

  • Kimber

    I'm not a fish fan, but those two little fish weren't bad! (Especially since I didn't have to clean them…)

  • Emjay

    Wow – they must be subsisting on donations – it would be really hard to get the rod and a shirt for $5. Priceless having them gutted and cleaned!

  • Kimber

    They did–a local Realtor took the pictures, some sporting goods company donated the rods, and I'm sure the shirts were paid for by the twenty odd advertisements printed on the back! I figure the $5 maybe paid for the gas to transport the onsite ambulance crews. Maybe.

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