When You Run Out of Cigarette Money…

"Mom–is that first aid kit still in the van?"
"I think so–look under your seat."
Over the radio I hear them rummage around, pull out our vehicle first aid kit and pass it to the boys in the back seat. They are looking for a band-aid just the right size for a killer blister.
My thirteen year old mutters, "What's Kotex?"
After a pregnant pause, my eight year old says, "I think they are cigarettes."
At which point my daughter and I (images of an 8 year old attempting to light up a Kotex bursting upon the mental stage) can no longer breathe or even see straight because we are laughing so hard. 
The men and boys in the car either don't notice, or pretend they don't notice; not one even cracks a smile. Which makes us laugh harder. 
(And no–I did not seize the day and explain to the kid what they really were!)

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