True Wealth, At the Center of the Rainbow

Mom! MOM! There's a rainbow! Two rainbows! Going over our house!
My son's pictures:
And the double rainbow went up, over and down on the other side:

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5 responses to “True Wealth, At the Center of the Rainbow

  • Kimmers

    Beautiful! Have you ever noticed the colors are reversed in the double?

  • Karen

    Fantastic rainbow!! I always take them as personal signs that something good is going to happen. Especially ones like this. The messy unclear ones– no, but incredible rainbows I see a very good omens!

  • Kimber

    Yes, and I felt very guilty for not actually going out to see the rainbow after I saw the pictures my son brought in last night. I was too busy lying there in bed moping (wishing someone would send a lightening bolt to eliminate me) to go out and witness the tender mercies He was trying to bestow! Not only is there a light at the end of the tunnel, dear, but a double rainbow–right over you!

  • Kimber

    I didn't…but look at that… Cool. Thanks for pointing it out!

  • Emjay

    Wow! That's awesome. Your son did well with the photos. There's a lot of magic under those arches.

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