Spanish Vox?

Got my scores today for the WEST B exams I took three weeks ago. 
Irony at its finest: The math portion? The one part of the three that I was most worried about? I got one question wrong.
Before you wax effusive in your praise–the WEST B is not a terribly difficult exam. It basically ensures that we don't hire complete idiots to teach our children is all. 
Anyway, the reading portion? The one I thought would be easiest? Lowest score–291/300. Not bad, but still. Reading! Me! I am obsessed to a fault with reading! 
I start classes for my Masters in the Fall. Working on learning Spanish, until then. Since 36% of our students speak it at home, I figure that will give me an advantage, no? 
I'm thinking I should start a Spanish blog too, and join a Spanish neighborhood, so my neighbors can alternately mock and hopefully correct my grammar. Are there Spanish vox-hoods?

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13 responses to “Spanish Vox?

  • P.S.

    Congrats! You would be very wise to learn to speak Spanish- and you will do it and make it look so very simple!

  • Freedom Smith

    Your scores sound wonderful. Congratulations. I would imagine Vox has all languages. Ask the question mark men. They seem to be all over the place today 🙂 Don't be gone too much though. We would miss you wit around here!!

  • Ladywise

    Ok, I won't praise you yet. When you start bringing in those test scores from the Masters classes, then I'll praise you. lol And we want to hear them all, not just the good ones. (I pay particular attention to what I write to you now and make sure everything is spelled correctly and the grammar is somewhat proper.)

  • Flamingo Dancer

    congratulations and good luck too

  • Emmi

    Cool ideas. I think your well-written blog shows your intelligence better than some random test. Love the idea of a Spanish blog. My beau and I have wanted to re-learn for some time now. I'd sign up, but I'd be quite goofy at first.

  • Kimber

    You know, Spanish vocabulary isn't actually too bad–most of the words are based on latin words that we share in English! And they have pretty simple rules about pronunciation, etc–not like English which is unbelievably random. I don't know how people ever learn English as a second language.

  • Kimber

    Don't worry about going all spell checker on vox! This is a place to be spontaneous, right?! I'm not really a grammar/spelling snob–I just didn't have a tv growing up, and I read a lot, so it comes easily for me. I promise, I'll let you know, even when I bomb–that's also what vox is for–commiseration!

  • Kimber

    This adult education thing is all your fault you know…you started it, and I'm holding you accountable!

  • Kimber

    You know what we really need, is to adopt a Spanish teen, right? Or hire a live-in house keeper that doesn't speak English. I can get a handle on reading the stuff, but conversation seems like an impossible dream! You say relearn–did you know it once?

  • Emmi

    Yes – from what I understand, immersion is the fastest way to learn. Like moving to Paris to learn French. My mom was a French teacher so I learned that quickly and then 3 years of Spanish in high school, ironically that allowed me to test out of language requirements in college so I had zero practice in my adult life except for my French buddy who I hung out with.
    We want to travel to Peru and Costa Rica (plus our region in MA is heavily populated with Spanish speaking folks) so we're ready to learn. I hear BBC online has some great free courses.

  • Kimber

    MIT has a free online video course–Destinos Online–a very cheesy circa 80's tele novela with 52 episodes. It really helped me understand spoken spanish a lot–without being painfully dull. Cheesy acting or not, having a storyline to follow helps. Thanks for the BBC tip–I'll check into it. I also like BYKI. They have a free version online–a system of written/spoken/visual spanish flashcards that I used.

  • Emmi

    Oh, wonderful! I love MIT open source stuff, Berkley has some of that too.
    In college I had an old tv with no service except an antennae, only PBS came in. One day they had a Sesame Street all in Arabic. I thought I might learn something from it but it was the most confusing thing ever. I had no idea what the puppets were saying, it was like being 4 years old again.

  • Emjay

    I got all enthused about learning Spanish as I get so many Spanish speakers on the phones during a day (and now coming in looking for work). I think I need one on one instruction because I found it really hard to self motivate. Now we have a day porter who comes into our building twice a day cleaning – he speaks a sentence of English to me to practise his English and I'm supposed to say something in Spanish to him. LOL – his English is bounding ahead and I'm basically still on "good morning" !

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