Happy Mother’s Day, Love Potatoes

Came home to this yesterday:
And this:
From the first grader: A love collage.
And last, but not least–from my eight year old–probably the funniest card I've ever received. I have to take a picture because I'll probably give it to it's rightful owner. First, the front of the card:

And now, the big finish:

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16 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day, Love Potatoes

  • Emmi

    Love the creative mural-card. That's awesome.
    LOL, great card. Kids are nothing if not honest. 😉
    Happy Mother's Day!

  • P.S.

    Cute! Loved the chalk mural! And grandma' will love the card. tee hee Cards from kids are priceless. Happy Mother's Day!

  • M. Gray

    lol, Potatoes' card is hilarious!! Thanks for sharing. Your kids love their mama.

  • Random Musings

    Those are the things you will savor when your kids are old enough to bring their kids over on Mother's Day.

  • Emjay

    Oh awesome!! I think I would burst into tears if I came home to the murals and crayon drawings! LOL the card – just precious.

  • Freedom Smith

    I love the chalk murals. How adorable!! And the love collage with the crayon drawing!! Yes, the card by your 8 year old is hilarious. Some day, she will realize. I think you should keep it. Too cute. Happy Mother's Day. Looks like you have some love coming your way…..love the nickname "potatoes." You will have to blog on that sometime.

  • Ladywise

    Awesome show of "Mother's Day Love" Kimber. There are advantages to having young kids. My brother and I were talking last night and I was telling him about the drawings outside. Too cute. What I nice thing to come home too. Of course now, Mother's Day is over and you have to clean it off! lol

  • Kimber

    Oh, and the honesty is hilarious–I get to hear all sorts of things about the parents that I'm sure they would die

  • Kimber

    Been thinking about your post about the blogger brain–and I struggle with that, too. I don't think I can both blog and write–and the blogging has so much more instantaneous reward, you know? Each post done with, set aside. Not like a novel…

  • Kimber

    Yes, I gave Grandma the card, and she had to show everyone. Especially Grandpa, who sometimes gets a little cranky about always having grandkids underfoot, I think!

  • Kimber

    So it isn't just me–am I imagining things or do we get more weepy, the older we get? I never used to see the beauty in the millions of crayoned drawings my first kid flooded me with–I regret to say I didn't keep many of them. Totally different now!

  • Kimber

    Ah. Yes, "Potatoes". His name is Quinton. And somehow my husband started calling him Quintomenados–said with a Spanish accent. Anyway, one day his Sunday School teacher asked him what his nickname was, and he told the class it was QuintonPotatoes. He thought we called him that because when he was a baby he liked to carry around a potato in each hand, and throw them like balls. And so it stuck–Potatoes!

  • Freedom Smith

    LOL….that is so cute!!!! Love it.

  • Kimber

    Are you kidding? Clean it off? Heck no! And not because I'm sentimental–just lazy. The way I figure it, I never, ever clean up a mess that I don't have to trip over, that won't stink or ruin something else if left alone, or cause me to lose/misplace something else. Why bother? Life is too short. If you look very carefully, parts of last years mural are still there!

  • Ladywise

    Oh that's funny. Well it is decorative!

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