8 Felines, a Mink, Rabbits, and a Dead Snake

I should probably own up to the fact that I have a cat. 
I have a cat.
See? It just sounds fundamentally wrong. 
Now add seven. 

I have eight cats. 

Crazy. Crazy cat lady. 
Traditionally, every winter, a stray kitten adopts us; it sits outside our sliding glass door shivering and eventually someone takes pity and feeds it scraps from the table and the leftover daycare kid milk–which, by the way, adds up to a lot of milk. Enough to entice the cat to stay. 
So it's my cat, right? Because I fed it. 
But I never get the cat fixed/declawed/whatever it is a responsible cat owner does, because invariably, within a few months the hawks or the coyotes catch up with it. Or once, I think I drove off with one under my hood. (Do not tell my kids that.) And besides. I'm not an animal owner. I don't do veterinary clinics.
But this cat has proven more wily than the rest; she's survived 18 months so far. And had nineteen kittens. (Adopted out: 8, part of the neighborhood food chain: 3, freak accident: 1, living under the jungle gym:7.)
I said–after the last litter–that the cat must go. Note the absence of an honest-to-goodness moniker. I refuse to name the beast. But she's still here. Because who wants to kill a cat? And how does one transport a clawed animal to the pound?
She does keep the rodents at bay.
Also the mink that ran up our steps, bold as brass, a few days ago. 
(Yes, a mink.  I had never seen one before; I had no idea they were so fearless. Or beautiful.)
Not to mention the snake. As for the rabbits, I really couldn't care less if she leaves them alive or not–just so long as she keeps them off my porch.
I'm getting tired of challenging her right to enter my home though. She runs in, I chase her out. She runs in, I throw her out. She runs in–it's like the Flintstones, only I have a better arm than Fred ever did.
And now there are eight. Eight!

You know how many dead animals eight cats could bequeath me with in the middle of the night?

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12 responses to “8 Felines, a Mink, Rabbits, and a Dead Snake

  • LBeeeze

    Wow, who knew a mink would run right up and challange you. Sounds like you have your hands full.

  • P.S.

    the farm cat thing- been there -had that-but the mink! wow, that'd be cool to see!

  • Flamingo Dancer

    Well you could take it to the vet and just tell yourself that you are saving the local bird life? We once had a neighbour who hated cats and would give the neighbourhood cats milk with aspirin which is fatal to them… not that I am suggesting that…
    We have always had a cat until about three years ago… one lived 18 years and the other 13 years! You could just have a long time with the beast coming up!

  • Mandy

    we have three cats now. We had two, but then last fall my brother and his wife needed to get rid of their cat because his asthma was getting so bad. I took pity on the thing and it is now our cat. I thought two cats leaving dead critters was bad enough..now I have three…I don't want to think what 8 could do. At least my kids have got used to the death of little critters since this post. Although I am not sure if that is a good thing….

  • Kimber

    I never even knew they lived here–I thought it was a weasel–which I'd never seen/thought existed here, either–but according to my neighbor, it turns out there's an entire ecosystem of animals I've never heard of or seen down at the lake; I've lived here sixteen years and never noticed.

  • Kimber

    Yeah, I remember that post–and I feel the same way–you want them to understand life, but at the same time, it's sad when they get death-wise, and are no longer shocked at violence/death.

  • Kimber

    Yeah–did you guys ever see mink here?

  • P.S.

    We saw rabbits, a porcupine as big as a dog, skunks, deer, bald eagles, herons, black clouds of mosquitos, the huge flocks of birds that fly in circular patterns, geese, more snakes than I care to remember- gophers, rock chucks, deer, owls, tons of red huge ants, mice, lots and lots of every kind of spider, blue herrons, and coyotes- but I don't recall ever seeing a mink. That would be neat!

  • Emmi

    Too many cats. We have the same situation here. We opened our downstairs to become a cat shelter. We use humane traps but you have to be clever to make sure you don't end up with a raccoon instead, LOL!
    So far as vet visits, I'd include all those things except declawing, which should be illegal for vets to do. We're very lucky to have a new large no-kill shelter near us. That's the best thing for a stray if no one is willing to adopt them.

  • Kimber

    You know, I've never actually seen a raccoon; I know they torment my neighbors and I've seen evidence they exist, but they're pretty sly. We had a declawed stray over here and stay for a few years, and that thing could bring down a rabbit bigger than herself, killed birds, snakes, everything. I don't know how she did it.

  • Emjay

    What a great tale! I've never seen a mink but we've had a raccoon on our *top* deck (what a climb). My son brought a stray cat home when he was a little boy and asked if we could keep it; I said no because we couldn't afford to feed rabbits and the cat. I found him feeding the cat rabbit pellets LOL. After a month of the cat not leaving I took it to the vet to be desexed and was annoyed to have to pay $120 for a cat that I never wanted. That poor creature lived to be about 12 years old – and nibbled rabbit and guinea pig pellets right up til its end.

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