I am sitting. 
At a computer. 
(Most of the time I sort of run past my desktop–which is about five feet off the ground–pecking out a line here and there as I go.)
I have the angle of the laptop and the wires of my earbuds configured just right so that if I do not move, the music won't short out–sort of an awkward substitute for the iPod I do not own, but you take what you can get. 
With the volume all the way up, and my ear pieces wedged in tight, The London Symphony Orchestra has usurped every other sound in the neighborhood. I can't even hear the click of the keyboard on my lap. It's a sort of numbing experience.
I had forgotten how much I love Beethoven. 
I have opened my eyes just long enough long enough to open this browser and share the bliss; excuse me while I resume my trance…

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