Hell, or Laundry?

Been exploring hell the last few weeks with Dante and Robert M. Durling. I never knew there were so many ways to land yourself in hell–nor that it was so well organized. Not really sure why I'm still reading it, except that after wading through one bolgia after another, I find myself going back.  There is the occasional brilliant turn of phrase and there's something mildly interesting about the variety and identity of the people to be found writhing there–and yet morbid curiosity would not be enough to merit the laborious deciphering the book requires.
There is something else. Something true, even when Dante writes about theories modern science has proven, without  question, to be false–things like the configuration of the earth, the function of human organs, and the method by which snakes reproduce–I know he's going off wacky science, and yet there remains some kind of resonant truth in the bones of his comedy. 
I haven't decided, yet, exactly what truth lures me deeper into the infernal pit with him, but I sense that it's waiting…and that I will have missed something essential to humanity if I do not continue. 
Blasted Inferno. I have laundry to fold…

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18 responses to “Hell, or Laundry?

  • Emmi

    Haa – laundry, the ninth circle for sure.
    I never read Dante – but somehow I feel familiar with his work. My mom's a French teacher and Huis Clos was discussed often in my AP classes. I really should read it. I think only Dante had an OCD version of hell, which really tells me that he was even more tortured than other hell-obsessed authors.

  • Freedom Smith

    When I read your title, I assumed you were deciding which was worse, laundry or hell, lol!! Sounds like some heavy reading! Here I am reading suspense fiction.

  • Random Musings

    Haven't read Dante but find folding luandry a light form of hell sometimes. =)

  • P.S.

    It's nice that you like to stretch your intellectual brain. I am going to go get a dish of ice cream and watch Glee. (it's a dumb show with fun musical numbers)

  • LBeeeze

    How could you skip something so essential to humanity. That would be so inhumane!!!

  • Sam's Life

    Kimber, I have missed reading your post. I have been busy doing other things but I plan on being around more. Hell or laundry. Didn't know there was a difference.

  • Kimber

    OCD! Ha. That's so funny…because it's true.

  • Kimber

    Yeah, pretty much–I think we should find some sort of clothing that repels dirt/liquid/odor, and changes color and shape at will. One set of clothing per person. Awesome.

  • Kimber

    It isn't the folding so much that gets me–it's trying to figure out which of my kids it belongs to. Was a lot easier when all six of them weren't roughly the same size…and when I get it wrong, they all toss the other kids clean stuff on the floor…with their own dirty stuff…I swear I wash everything three times before it gets worn–if ever. And eternal loop worthy of Dante's imaginings!

  • Kimber

    See, you and your ice cream again…how it is that you manage to have ice cream on hand when you want it? I think I need a padlock on my freezer…and my kitchen…

  • Kimber

    You must have children–nobody but a parent sees the infernal nature of laundry, surely! Nice to see you–hope you're still hooked on reading; it's a great way to avoid laundry without feeling completely guilty! (You're feeding your brain, after all, right?)

  • Kimber

    That's the thing–I'm not sure it is essential…I just have this niggling feeling that it is. Jokes on me if I get to the end and don't find what I'm looking for, right?

  • P.S.

    T buys it if I don't. And don't you have a kid that can pick locks?

  • Kimber

    Sad…but oh, so true…

  • Freedom Smith

    I love that show for that very reason! It is so "unpolitically correct" that it is refreshing. I heard the director say that when he found the lead female singer, he said she would be the next Barbara Streisand. She does have a bit of resemblance. They all are wonderful singers.

  • LBeeeze

    I was just being silly. It's only important if you think it is.

  • Emjay

    I get the impression sometimes that your life is a Divine Comedy … :-)I only have to worry about my own laundry now (the manservant usually does his on the road – all accommodations at telescopes have laundries) but I still hate doing it.

  • Kimber

    Ha! Now I'm seriously thinking about changing the name of my blog…

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