My daughter's high school has come up with an innovative fundraising idea:
They have a recorded track–playing a continual loop on the PA system before and after school, at lunch and between classes–of an extremely obnoxious child singing nonsense lyrics. At top volume.

They told the students and staff that the song will be turned off when the donation jar contains $1000.
I'm guessing they'll reach their goal. Very soon.

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12 responses to “Brilliant

  • P.S.

    That sounds like a threat- a bit of encouragement is completely understandable- but a fill this jar or you will be audiably assalted is a bit extreem on the negative. I am so against negative motivation. Hopefully, all can take it with a shrug of the shoulder and get the donation jar filled, quickly.
    (I am just burned that we didn't get paid for the music, I am sure they stole a recording of at my house!)

  • Alicia

    I LOVE IT!!! If they did that when I was in high school I would have laughed so hard every time the music came on. Of course, I was kinda an odd child.

  • Kimber

    Yes, except that if every person brought in fifty cents, the goal would be more than met. And the kids think it's hilarious because really, its the teachers who are going bonkers!

  • P.S.

    Funny! I really like the simplicity of it.

  • angie

    You know I've got this going on in my own house… I could make a fortune!

  • Waterbaby

    How many teachers have donated a week's salary already to make it stop?!

  • Emjay

    LOL – great idea!! I read of an experiment somewhere in London – they played loud opera music in areas where "hoodlums" would congregate …. they apparently ceased to be a problem.

  • Kimber

    I guess the real problem is that nobody carries cash anymore. My daughter says that all her friends carry is plastic–that way mommy and daddy know exactly what junior is spending and where. Interesting. She says so far they have collected $60 from one teacher.

  • Kimber

    I thought it was great too, but I guess it's not working out so well, since so few people carry cash anymore. I know I don't!

  • Waterbaby

    No one carries cash? It's all I carry. I've used a debit card only twice and then only due to extenuating circumstances. Did you know that Japan's quite cash-based? Not unusual at all to put down stacks of bills when making major purchases, paying apartment move-in costs and etc. I much prefer that way of living and miss it. America's too married to plastic IMHO and one of the consequences is that the value and meaning of money are easily lost. Paying with cash keeps things real.

  • Kimber

    I would have agreed with you 18 months ago. We only paid with cash–ever. Husband still does, and my children won't have a credit card while they are my responsibility. But I personally quit carrying cash because I am such an absent minded freak. I can never remember how much I have or where I've put it and I'm always in too much of a hurry to count out change so the small bills and coins would accumulate in the bottom of my purse until it weighed a ton. I still only buy what I've got cash in the bank to cover, but since I got a credit card (18 months ago) my life is so much simpler. (I'd never use a debit card–your liability is too great–no real protection against thieves.)

  • Waterbaby

    Righto about debit card liability and other dangers; for example, unlike with a credit card, if there's a dispute, you haven't a leg to stand on. You're blessed to have work that enables you to pay your credit card … and in full yet. Millions would love to be in your shoes.

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