The Other Washington

Some time ago, I told emjay I would take a walk around my neighborhood and post some pictures of the other Washington. 
And since my biggest gripe about an exercise program is the utter yawn factor, I decided to take my camera out yesterday and walk until I found something to smile about–something to share. I wasn't terribly optimistic–after all, we live on 
and it's not a terribly happening place. 
But walk I did. I spared you the shots of sagebrush and tried to focus on blooming things. My favorite–the weeping willows, shot straight up:
There was this house, which always makes me smile, if only because the owners, all aesthetics aside, cannot seem to resist adding on (and on, and on…)

Of course, in a desert, I suppose there's a certain amount of desperation to use your land in any other way except for planting vegetation which will need water.
Then there was this car, which if nothing else, makes my teenagers smile:

Along those same lines, one of my neighbors missed her home town enough that she actually purchased, from the city of Portland, two of their lampposts.  There are apparently some things you can take with you:
The things that really made me smile, however, I wasn't brave enough to take a picture of: 
The man with two garden shovels and a large cooler into which he was attempting to deposit the, well, deposits of the six little yapping canines who were running around his yard. Thank heaven that man has a fence. And keeps his animals in it.
The elderly neighbor who appeared to be spritzing his daffodils with  . . . Windex . . .??? 
The man wearing a shower cap and riding a Harley. I'm kidding. It just looked like a shower cap. It was a helmet. Of sorts. 
You notice they were all men; I think the women were indoors making dinner. I'd put mine in the oven and set the really loud, obnoxious and unrelenting timer for the children. You can't be Betty Crocker every day, non?
I did end up coming across this small, inventive female, however, and she did make me smile–if only because when I pulled out my camera to capture the unique amusement she had devised for herself, she began peddling away fast and furious and casting dark, suspicious glances over her shoulder. She knows my children, but probably thought I was some kind of predator:

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10 responses to “The Other Washington

  • Flamingo Dancer

    I really enjoyed your walk! Thank you for sharing!

  • Freedom Smith

    That was very interesting!! I love the name of your street. The street my mother-in-law used to live on had some such funny address (in Indiana) like South 300 West. I thought that a bit strange.Love the house you showed where they have added on way too much, and the stories you told. You made me laugh when you described the girl riding off quickly thinking you were a predator!! So true. I enjoyed your walk as well!! Maybe I shall do this one day, around my tiny neighborhood!!

  • Alicia

    That's cool! I see enough sagebrush, (I live in a desert as well,) I have not been to Washington before, but it looks alot like home to me. I love the car photo the best, I think its unique. It has so many meanings. XD I just like to put meanings to thing, however. 😛

  • Waterbaby

    Fun stroll. And such the world away from Seattle, not terribly far. Funny, when I saw that picture of the girl on the bike, I flashed suddenly on doing the same when I was her age. Better her casting of suspicious rather than trusting eyes. Was the liquid in the Windex bottle blue?

  • Kimber

    You know, I enjoyed it too, more than I thought I would. I think I need to go walking more often with a camera in hand.

  • Kimber

    I do the same thing–I think finding symbolism in the normal things of life is what makes us truly human!

  • Kimber

    Ha! Yes, he's probably one of those frugal folk who save and recycle all their packaging. I have an aunt who rinses off, dries and reuses her plastic wrap. True story; she's also very wealthy–probably for good reason!

  • Kimber

    Please do! The giant houses were interesting, but it's nice to be able to imagine our vox neighbors in their native habitat, isn't it?

  • Waterbaby

    lol. Plenty of wealthy folks have their eccentricities …

  • Freedom Smith

    OK…when I am back on my feet after the medical trip to Duke, the birthdays, and Easter, then I will try to remember to do that walk around the neighborhood!

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