Sticker Shock

All this talk about health insurance got me curious as to how much it would cost to insure my entire family for basic doctor visits, immunizations, a reasonable prescription benefit, etc., so I sat down and figured out my least expensive option in the state of Washington. 
$57,600 annually. I base that on what I pay for my own health insurance as a self-employed person, times 8 to cover the other seven people who we don't buy insurance for. (Well, we do for my husband, but it's major medical, and it's a joke, even at $83/month.)
You see why Americans want healthcare reform. You see why so many are uninsured.
57,600 dollars a year. 
Who can afford that?
And yet this new bill that passed doesn't sound right, either. The whole medical/insurance/political industry is rotten on some level that I cannot identify…
If only because Pelosi is happily comparing the new healthcare bill to the Social Security program, which we all know is bankrupt and probably won't be around when I retire.
Yippeeee! I get to pay into yet another failing program!
You know what scares me? In 2014, my government is going to mandate that I buy that insurance to cover my entire family, and they assure me that it isn't going to cost $57,600 a year, and that it will cover what it needs to cover and that I won't be paying for the pedophiles' viagra pill or some career woman's abortion, but we all know how well the gov't keeps its promises don't we? Just ask the natives.
What if I don't want to buy insurance to cover my entire family or what if I want to buy different insurance than what they offer? What if I would rather put that $57600 in a savings account every year and cross my fingers? Isn't that as much an inalienable "right" as healthcare?
And what next? Will life insurance be mandated? Because burying people is better than letting them rot in the streets, right? So we better make sure that everyone can afford to be buried. And maybe we should require that everyone prepay for  their children's college educations, too, I don't know. 
I understand that something needs to be done about the skyrocketing costs of medical care, I do. 
But I'm really feeling uncomfortable about what we've done so far…

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11 responses to “Sticker Shock

  • ken

    $57,000 a year,they don't have a pool you can buy into..

  • Kimber

    Not if you're self employed, not in Washington.

  • Waterbaby

    You can choose not to buy into the plan and pay a fine. You won't have the option of buying private insurance because private insurance will be out of business, as designed by the government. Viagra will be available for rapists, pedophiles and child molesters and abortions paid by the government. By the time you pay your taxes, you won't have $57,000 to put aside. You'd better start saving every penny for your golden years now. From the AP: "Relief to seniors facing high prescription drug costs is one
    of the first changes to come under the new health care overhaul. But
    ultimately that won't offset the relentless increase in retirees'
    medical expenses. A couple retiring this year will need [$250,000], on
    average, to cover medical expenses in retirement, according to a study
    to be released Thursday by Fidelity Investments. … The study is
    based on projections for a couple of 65-year-olds retiring this year
    with Medicare … and a life expectancy of 85 for women and 82 for
    men." So, in addition to whatever else your retirement is going to be
    cost you, it's an additional $250,000 on top of it now to handle the
    new health care expenses that are in Obamacare.

  • Waterbaby

    Here's a user-friendly simplistic intro on what these new laws will bring. It's not comprehensive by any means (after all, the two bills combined total nearly 4,000 pages!) but it's a beginning.

  • Waterbaby

    Another excellent user-friendly overview with meaty links. One thing to remember is you'll be mandated to carry insurance, be penalized if you don't and pay severely increased taxes. The IRS, in association with the government, will police your health care, issue penalties and dictate your private life in ways that you cannot imagine and comprehend until you educate yourself about what this socialist takeover entails.

  • Karen

    Yikes! I know the healthcare system is a mess in so many ways. Do we really expect our government to fix it? That is such a joke, I don't care who's in office.

  • Kimber

    Wow. Your first link worked, couldn't find the link in your third comment. What I can't figure out is, if the bill is all it appears to be–and it does appear to be what you're saying–then how are so many politicians falling for it? How do they see this as the answer?

  • Waterbaby

    They didn't all fall for it. The bills eked by by a narrow 13 votes. And the only reason the bills made it onto the Congressional floor and succeeded against the expressed will of the people is because the Democrats have majority in both House and Senate and rammed it through through arm-twistings, secret deals, threats, sweet promises and other underhanded means not representative of a democracy. Essentially the trio of Obama, Pelosi (House leader) and Reid (Senate leader) imposed themselves to make it happen. BUT it was a no vote up until the very last minute and until Congressman Bart Stupak (with his own small group) changed course (google Stupak for that story) and brought the final hammer down.

  • Waterbaby

    p.s. As for that link, I forgot it! 😦 I'd have to browse my history for it and since I surfed at least an hour last night for helpful links for you, that's a thick browsing history to sift through. Maybe later.

  • Kimber

    But why? What's the motivation for those who did get it through to get it through? That's what I don't understand–and don't fret over the link! Thanks for tracking down info for me, though. I've been reading up on Stupak and many other key figures the past few days and the more I read the more none of it makes any sense. No sense at all. Unless…it's all part of a much more sinister and far reaching plot, of course… (Heaven's, I sound like some of my more paranoid family members!)

  • Emmi

    Yeah, we have mandated health insurance in Massachusetts. It was Romney's brainchild, and now that Obama adopted it Romney himself is calling it wrong. MassHealth is our supposed plan for everyone, but they refuse all sorts of income levels.
    As they pointed out on NPR, how can they mandate we purchase from an industry which has no regulation on costs? It's outrageous. If the Republcians had allowed single payer to get through, we'd all automatically be covered.

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