Three Point One Four…

Was informed yesterday that my son won the pie contest at lunch. 
Make that pi.
As in memorizing the most digits. 
So I asked him about it when he got home.
He memorized the first half or so last week and the rest at lunch yesterday.
I can't even recite the names of my own children in order most of the time.
Suddenly I realized that this is the kid who seem to knows all the passwords and digits to library cards and random wireless networks and things no person in his right mind does anything with except write down in a safe place.
He doesn't have them written down; he can recite the first 80 digits of pi. 
Isn't that a symptom of autism or something?

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11 responses to “Three Point One Four…

  • Freedom Smith

    LOL….he may have a photographic memory. I think you would have noticed if he had autism, and the school would have as well. Many times, when people can remember that many things, it is because they can look at it and they recall the picture in their mind at will (lucky them!). Otherwise, he has a knack for remembering things which is also wonderful. I am with you on the name thing. And when I meet someone new, forget it, five seconds later I don't remember their name. I would love to have your son's type of memory!!!

  • Rex

    Congratulations. He did well. We always observe pi-day. Here at the UofL, a student recited the first 100 digits of PI to win the book prize. He is not that unusual when you look at him. But a secondary school teacher once mentioned learning PI and he took it as a challenge. And adds a few more digits each year. No autism or any other "disease". Just someone who decided to do it.

  • Random Musings

    My SIL can still recite it 20 years later! Just has that type of rain that makes memorization easy. Not close to a symptom of autism!

  • ken

    sounds like a future banker,maybe a honest banker?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Waterbaby

    lol. no. just a youthful memory.

  • Alicia

    LOL!!! I don't know if he has autism, but just really smart. Some people just have fantastic memories. Maybe he has a system the he uses to get it in his head. XD I have to do that to memorize ANYTHING. I have to divide it up, and then put a story to it.

  • Kimber

    I have to use something every day for years or I can't retain it. I can still remember my grandmother's phone number from when I was a little girl, but that's the only exception.

  • Deborah

    Sounds like a great memory, my son is the same, I wasn't surprised he could could add numbers across a page at 2 and get it right all the time, as he grew older he was tutoring high school students in math at the age of 8. At 29 he still has a way with numbers and puts it too good use.

  • Kimber

    Can you use the words honest and banker in the same sentence in America anymore? You hesitated before you could actually force those words out, didn't you?

  • ken

    a little bit i did!!! but i have a freind who has been a banker since high school and he is a very honest guy,for the large part congress forced the banks to reduce the terms for getting loans,its the dodds,and franks who created this problem,its the socialists that insisted that if they could just get loans they could better their lives,i think with the number of defaults on loans they have proven they are more dreams then in the long term your right instead of banking head him towards congress he can help the c.b.o. get their numbers right…

  • Kimber

    What drives me bonkers is who cannot get a loan! We own our house and vehicles free and clear and have excellent credit. Tried to get a loan a couple months ago to build a garage and the best they could do for me was 11 percent interest!

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