Lost and Confused

It's been one of those weeks with an important deadline, appointment or  assignment due every day; one of those weeks you take a deep breath, pick up your skirts and run like the devil's chasing you clear through the finish line.
It was so exhausting I can't even write about it. 
This morning, standing in the shower, I was seized with a sudden panic. I remembered an important appointment I had forgotten. One of those appointments you plan months ahead for. Oh no! I didn't go! What was I doing that I could have possibly forgotten?

And as I went through the week in my head, trying to remember what I had done, instead of keeping this appointment, I remembered. 
Oh…yeah… I did go. Spent almost an hour there and learned some fascinating things. How did I forget that?
I'm losing it, I tell you. (And no, that's not what I learned, thank you very much–that came later.)
On Friday my husband offered to run an errand for me, which I gladly agreed to. And then spent forty-five minutes looking for the slip of paper he needed. 
Only to realize I'd already done it. 
Or maybe I hadn't. 
I only knew I'd intended to, at some point, and moved the paper. 
He asked me if it was in my coat pocket. I told him I didn't wear a coat. After looking even longer–mad, house tearing apart looking–I repeated again that I was certain I didn't wear a coat.
It was,however, in the pocket of the coat I carried
This morning it was the turkey roaster. Looked in every cupboard, on every shelf of every room that was possibly big enough to hold a pan of that size–and probably quite a few that weren't. 
Found it an hour later in plain sight on the pot rack over my kitchen island. After I'd already roused a neighbor out of bed to bring me hers. (I shared turkey dinner with her in return and confessed my insanity, so she'll probably forgive, but still.)

Here's to hoping my head really is screwed on straight. I'd hate to go looking for it.

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12 responses to “Lost and Confused

  • Waterbaby

    If you can't find your head, look for it beneath the bed covers, which, after that series of mental mishaps is where I'd tuck mine!

  • Ladywise

    Poor baby! I don't know how you do all you do anyway! Sounds like you need a PDA to keep up with the kids, the chores, the errands, the menus, the grocery lists, the appointments, etc., etc., etc!

  • Karen

    You need a vacation. No, on second thought, that would be just more work preparing for and then recovering from. A nap? No, who knows what might happen while you're sleeping. When I'd get like this with my kids/life/etc I used to look for a 13-14 year old girl who needed a job, and I'd pay her a few dollars an hour to help with whatever. Sometimes we just can't do it all. Or if your kids are old enough, can they help with the workload? (I hate myself for even writing this comment. Nothing like well-meaning advice to make you feel worse.)

  • Freedom Smith

    So sorry! You are doing so much that is cannot possibly all fit inside your head and stay there! I hope this week is better and that things slow down just a tad, although I know that is improbable. I can relate. The more I have to do, the more important details/important papers/notes/reminders fall by the wayside and I never know what happened to them. I think the "busy monster" sneaks in to disrupt our lives when we least expect/need it!! Take care 🙂

  • Kimber

    Hahaha! Yes. Oh most certainly yes. I took a nap after posting that. And woke up with a splitting headache. So I went back to bed for good. Much better this morning!

  • Kimber

    Yes, only then I'd have to keep track of the PDA and remember to charge it, which means I'd also have to keep track of a power cord–not to mention learn how to use it. I speak from experience…

  • Kimber

    Ha! Isn't that the truth–I almost always would rather stay home that cram a vacation into our lives–one of the things we did this week was take the kids skiing. First time for everyone but husband who assumed we would all know how to dress/rent equiptment/get on and off the chairlift/ski without any instruction or advice. "It's easy," he said. "Skiing is exactly the same as standing. Two year olds can do it."

  • Kimber

    Thanks, I think it will be! If only because I didn't say yes to five different assignments or invite over three different families for dinner for different nights/occasions! I did use paper goods for those dinners, which was a first for me, and the environmentalists be hanged, it probably saved my sanity!

  • Mandy

    this past December I was so busy getting the primary party ready the RS party ready, sewing for a Christmas craft fair, sewing the girls Christmas dresses and other things,not to mention the fact that I was 3 months pregnant and completely exhausted…and all within a two week period. As I was driving to the church to set up for the RS party I was checking off random things in my head, when suddenly I thought in a panic "where did I put my keys?"…then I realized I was driving…RIGHT…the keys are in the ignition.

  • Kimber

    Hahahaha! Ahhhhhh…you made my day.

  • Emjay

    I don't know how you do what you already do! When we lived in an itsy bitsy little one bedroom apartment I could not find a wedding present I had bought for a friend. I tore that place apart and kept saying "this place is not big enough to hide anything" …. I made myself sick over it; I went out and bought another present. Then I found it sitting in a bag on the dining room table! I'd assumed that I had put it away safely. (just like the Father's Day cards I buy every year and then put away until September when it is Father's Day in Australia – and then find they are so "safe" I can't find them. Some year, probably after my father passes away, I am going to find a decades worth of cards!).

  • Kimber

    In plain sight is the trickiest I tell you! If you want to hide something from me, put it dead center in the front of the refrigerator. I have a mental block that prevents me from seeing anything there.

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