Mislaid 911 Memos and Note to Self

3 a.m.
"911, What is the nature of your emergency?"
"Uh…it isn't an emergency, exactly. I'm pretty sure my friend needs to go to the hospital, but there are two flights of stairs between her front door and my van and I don't think I can get her down them safely."
And yes, she'd already tried crawling. She's a tough one.
So I chat with the dispatcher for a few minutes, establishing that her symptoms aren't immediately life threatening, but that she does need to be seen sooner than tomorrow. (And that I was not, in fact, named after the gun.)
I did ask him if he could have the ambulance crew please not use their lights and sirens, so we don't scare the children. Not to mention wake  up the entire neighborhood.
Apparently the driver didn't get the memo.
(And since when do like, twelve year old children drive and staff the ambulance? Not to mention half the nursing staff at the ER. Am I getting old?) 
I'm no stranger to hospitals; I have six kids. 

But during a long night/morning at the hospital, seeing all the testing and whatnot going on, for the first time in my life the importance of healthy living really hit home. Like never before.

I know all the facts and the statistics and what have you. But for the first time it was like this could be you, this could be one of your children. 

Dear self: YOU ONLY HAVE ONE BODY! Take care of it!

Now to actually do something about the realization…….

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6 responses to “Mislaid 911 Memos and Note to Self

  • Freedom Smith

    Your friend was so fortunate to have someone like you to help her! In my experience, the ambulance does not head the request not to use the lights and siren. I am not sure why. We had the same situation in our neighborhood, so of course, we all dashed out to see what was wrong. The mother had asked them not to use the siren or lights as well.

  • angie

    If the ambulance was staffed by 12-year olds, they probably just really like using lights and sirens!

  • Alicia

    So true! Keep up with your bodies needs, pay attention, and get the rest and nutrition you need. Exercise too. 😛 I've learned that, even in a young body, if you don't take care of it, things can go seriously wrong. Just like not checking the oil in your car engine.

  • Emjay

    I woke one morning with a seized up back and didn't really know what to do about getting medical attention. There was no way I could bend to get into a taxi to get to a doctor. I eventually took 40 minutes to walk about 1.5 blocks to a chiropractor. When I returned to work after 3 days a couple of people said "why didn't you call an ambulance?" – it really hadn't occurred to me as I was not suffering anything life threatening and I would hate to waste their time. I intend to stay as healthy as I can for as long as I can!!

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