Another, Better, Favor Story

Did a favor for a man I have never met the other day. A man on the telephone looking for childcare which I could not provide (due my new hours–which, by the way, are awesome) asked me for other recommendations, if I had any. 
My first thought: Are you kidding? Not in my job description to help you find childcare!  But I said, ummm…I could probably refer you to some people. I wrote down his email address and promised to forward him some information when I had a second and two free hands.
After I hung up, I plead guilty to thinking, "I really could just 'forget' and not get around to it."

But I looked up some numbers, made some calls, etc. Got him some information.
And today, the guy called me back. 
Just to say thank you. 
Nothing else. 
Just wanted to thank me for helping me out. 
How do you like that?
It surprised me how much I appreciated it.
Life Lesson: Say Thank You, even when you don't have to.

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