I pretty much consistently dream in the nightmare genre. And probably 99.99% of those involve extreme peril–navigating sixty-story scaffolding over a pit of lava, say–with six or seven infants and toddlers in tow.
Almost every night, all night. I've resigned myself to this. 
Last night I dreamed the end of a typical day, except this time one of the toddlers I watch clung to me and refused to go home with his parents.
Almost as terrifying as the lava pit… Kidding! No. It was rather nice, for a change.
I don't know if it was a result of the inspection we passed–in which, thank you very much, we were told that the inspector rarely, if ever finds places as well organized, clean, and safe as ours–or if it was something I ate. 
I do think I let small criticisms by isolated individuals constantly eat away at me and make me doubt my suitability for this or any other job involving real live people. It was very kind of the inspector to put that in perspective for me. 
I'm sure I'll go back to the nightmares tomorrow, but for today we're going to breathe easy. 

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11 responses to “Reprieve

  • Ladywise

    Kimber, I have nightmares when I get to hot at night. Therefore I sleep with my room at probably 65 degrees. No kidding. My body can be warm, but if I am breathing in hot air during the night, I have serious nightmares. It took years of those horrible dreams to figure it out, but I haven't had one in a long time now. You need a restful sleep.

  • Kimber

    Interesting…my husband likes it really warm at night. He has taken to running a space heater right by our bed…I always wake up sweaty several times during the night.

  • Ladywise

    Bundle him up and throw that heater out in the yard!

  • Waterbaby

    respite from nightmares is nice, isn't it? 😉

  • Freedom Smith

    I once told a counselor about my re-accuring dream about being late for class or forgetting my schedule or forgetting where the class was, and that type of thing. It was amazing. He asked me if I had a parent that drank too much and was a perfectionist. I said yes. He said that my dreams were mirroring that feeling I had growing up, of never feeling like I could live up to expectations and also not knowing what to expect each day from the parent that drank. I was astounded.

  • P.S.

    Funny! I sleep with several layers on- blankets included and my Husband's half of the bed is one blanket. We prefer breathing cooler air at night and I have nightmares if I am too cold (thus the layers)!
    I like analyzing dreams too. Kinda a hobby.

  • Kimber

    I also have the recurring school dream. Can't find my locker or remember the combination and the office computer is down so they can't help me. Can't remember what classes I have either, and I know I have ten years of math homework to catch up on. I keep telling people, you know, I have my Bachelors degree, I can't figure out why I'm in highschool still…but I really believe I'm there and have to graduate again. The babies are with me there, too.

  • Freedom Smith

    Yes, same here, as far as not being able to find the locker or the class, not remembering what my classes are or where they are…..sometimes my kids are in the dream and for some reason, I am back in high school. Crazy stuff. I would think that after this many years out of school and college, that my nightmares would not continue to have nightmares about school. But, alas, I think I shall still be having these dreams when I am 80 (if I am still alive…with my immunity issues, that is).

  • Kimber

    No kidding! How traumatic was high school that we still dream about it? I never dream about being back in college that way.

  • Freedom Smith

    I find it amazing that I was in high school for four years, and that was 30 years ago, and those four years had such a huge impact on me that I still dream about them. That is crazy! Actually, middle school was much more difficult for me but I tend to dream that I am in high school.

  • P.S.

    If I go to bed thinking about High School I am guaranteed to have nightmares. College was a blast. But High School…I have lived parts of your nightmares.

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