Memory Match

Collectively, my six children attend four different schools and have 26 teachers.
They are fond of sending me emails like this:
"Your child has a notebook check this Friday. All overdue work must be turned in by Wednesday for half credit. Second quarter exams will be taken the following Tuesday." 
They sign these missives with something like, "MSCHMIDT"
No class name, no grade level, no school even. Being the proud soul that I am, and unwilling to admit I don't know my children's teachers intimately (well, except to a global audience such as this), I can't bring myself to hit reply and ask, Um…to which child, exactly, do you refer?  

I am left to wander from room to room asking whichever small person I stumble across, "Do you have a teacher named, um, Smith? No. Wait. Schmell? Do you have a teacher who conducts notebook checks? Are you sure? Do you have a class where you have a notebook? Okay, well. Make sure it's up to date. Sometime this week. And you might have a test next week. So. Uh, study, okay?"
I'm telling you, the pioneers with their one-room school house had at least one thing going for them.

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8 responses to “Memory Match

  • P.S.

    HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Five kids and yes- two Jr highers in two different grades – BUT they have the same teachers for different subjects. OR they have the same subjects but different teachers! I couldn't even tell you the name of one teacher and the subject they teach. (good thing both kids are on the honor roll–) As far as my grade schoollers – That's embarassing- I do forget what grade they are in and definatly what their teachers name are. (All teachers out there are cringing at my lack of school involvement)
    But, I get e-mails but thank heavens the kids get them too and mine is just a copy.

  • Waterbaby

    lol. You know, teachers often aren't the brighest bulbs in the room so I reckon your response of Um…to which child, exactly, do you refer? or the like could be helpful. Worded concisely and well, your note might bring them to pause and perhaps add identifying info.

  • Waterbaby

    p.s. I see you live in Moses Lake — as in WA? I'm in Tacoma.

  • Emjay

    LOL – my last name has always been different to my children's so I'm sure the teachers were equally confused by things I said/sent to them.

  • Karen

    Glad to see I'm not the only mom in the world who had this problem. What amazes me is when I'm talking with a mom who has kids my age and they say something like, "Did ________ have Ms. Waters back in 3rd grade?" WHAT? I can't even remember who their teachers are now, let alone back in whatever grade.

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