The Best Christmas Present Ever

One of the families I provide childcare for brought over a laundry basket filled with, well, laundry. 
Eight brand new, perfectly sized, flannel pajama pants–one for each member of our family. I have never seen my children so excited. Even the teenagers. They may get pj's for every gift-giving holiday from now, for the rest of their lives. Why did I not know this secret wish in the hearts of my progeny?
Oh, and several boxes/tins of hot cocoa mix–in exotic flavors like dark chocolate gingerbread, dark chocolate and raspberry, and some kind of white cocoa, too. 
This woman knows me well:
  1. I can always use more containers for Laundry Mountain.
  2. If you buy strange flavors of chocolate, the Mother of the household might actually get some.
  3. I love all things raspberry. [How did you know that, by the way?]
  4. I'm a cheapskate, and therefore outside the government regulated temperature of the daycare area, our house is a chilly place.
  5. On a Saturday morning, hot cocoa definitely counts as breakfast.
I would herd them all onto the couch, in front of the tree and take a picture, but I'd hate to disturb the peace. Or move from my desk in my warm little corner. Or upset my raspberry chocolate. 
So you'll just have to imagine…
Thanks Angie!

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