Cards On The Table

Every year, I buy Christmas cards. 
Most years I write in them. 
Some years I stamp and address them. 
I haven't mailed any in approximately 13 years. (If you received one more recently than that, feel free to correct me). Sometime in February or March I stealthily clean out my desk and throw them all away. And vow to get to the post office on time, this year.
This year, I bought the cards in October. Beautiful, individual, handmade cards that cost a pretty enough penny that logically, my skinflint nature will balk at throwing them away, and so I will mail them–right?
I sat my kids down one fine Monday evening in November and we all wrote in the cards. The six year old drew pictures. I told myself it's the thought that counts, not our verbosity, and really, who really cares enough to read a summary of our last year who doesn't already keep up with it in other ways, right?
My fifteen-year-old addressed them in her immaculate hand (a computer scanner can convert this girl's writing into text) and my twelve year old stamped them all. 
I am worried that because the cards are handmade and bulky, they will need extra postage though, so I decided I need to actually take them down to the post office. 
One day during post office hours. 
When I don't have any kids with me.  
And–there they sit. Stamped, addressed, sealed, sitting on my table.
Tick-tock, tick-tock…

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7 responses to “Cards On The Table

  • Flamingo Dancer

    Oh you have to post them – it is the best way to get a big jolly, because as soon as they receive them they feel guilty and inadequate because they haven't sent their cards. Send them – it is revenge on all those people who pretend they are so fabulous the rest of the year!

  • Jane Finchwood

    Just throw an extra stamp on the envelope and you won't have to go to the post office. The added expense is worth the easier process. Do as I say, not as I do. I have never once mailed my Christmas cards. What is with that? Actually, my brother started sending out February cards instead. It is always a treat to get a card when you don't expect one.

  • Kimber

    That's what my mother used to do–send Valentines day cards. Problem is–I'd have to go to the post office anyway, to get the stamps. I know, I'll just send the Mr…

  • Karen

    Hmmm, there has to be some deep-seated psychological reason why you would go to this much trouble and expense, and then not drop them in the mail???!!!I LOVE getting Christmas cards. If I got one from you, I would be so happy, and I would put it on my mantle. I don't like the whole Christmas letter thing, because every year I am getting fewer and fewer cards. And I love the cards.

  • Kimber

    Thank you–I knew I was deeply, psychologically disturbed before, of course, but now I have a symptom to report to my therapist. As soon as I can afford a therapist…;o)

  • Karen

    Ooops, sorry, didn't mean to imply that! I'm sure you don't need therapy. Just mail the dang cards lol. And send one to me!

  • Kimber

    I am, I am–I've put the Mr. under strict oath to do that–SOON–and honestly, I know I need therapy! You didn't give me an address…I tried googling your name, but you'd be surprised at how many of you there are.

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