Consumer Reports, Volume Three

I bought this amazing pan at Costco. I have been cooking eggs in it for weeks now, out of sheer delight at its truly non-stick properties.
Today while wiping it clean, I had an electrifying thought: why doesn't someone market a wall paint like this? Is there somewhere I can take my doors and have them coated with this stuff? Door handles, at the very least?
While we're endorsing the consumerist lifestyle anyway, let me just say that buying a good set of knives should be high on your list of things to do in this life; I should know. I just bought knives, after sixteen years of hacking away with a) a dollar store paring knife or b) a big old plastic-handled knife the Mr. brought home from Argentina sixteen years ago. He keeps trying to toss it, but there are some things the paring knife can't handle. Well. Actually, now that I have real knives, I realize that there were a lot of things that neither knife was handling very well. A knife snob might mock my new knives; to me, they are heaven.

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