Cats, Saw Blades and Arctic Temperatures

Ten lessons learned from my weekend backsplash/island tiling project:
  1. You can do it yourself;all those dusty little bits and pieces–guards and guides and such–that you don't know how to attach to the tile saw–just leave them in the shed. Yes. You heard me. All you need is the spinning blade and the table. (Although…don't quote me on that if you're in any way connected with OSHA.) 
  2. Putting the saw up on some kind of table–some kind of elevated platform, would likely be worth the extra effort as opposed to just setting it on the lawn and squatting for hours at a stretch. Saves your glutes; and then you don't have to imagine what would happen should you accidentally lose your balance and plunge, face-first into the saw blade.
  3. Cats are not frightened of plunging into said blade; it doesn't make any loud terrifying sounds until it's actually cutting something. Just spins and throws water everywhere. Which, apparently, they don't notice either.
  4. Eye protection is not optional.
  5. Eye protection with windshield wipers would be a killer idea.
  6. I look good covered in pulverized slate…mixed with water and sprayed on with a fine mist, it brings out the color of my eyes. Possibly because they–and the circles left from the goggles–are the only thing not slate colored by the end of the day.
  7. Pulverized slate makes a fail-proof, fade-proof fabric dye. There is no detergent on earth that will take the color out, once it's in.
  8. Standing in an arctic wind while operating the saw doesn't actually help that much in keeping the water out of your eyes. You would think it would, though.
  9. Buy extra tiles. And then throw a few more in the cart for good measure. Okay, fine. Set them gently in the cart. You always need more than you think.
  10. Because when you run to the store for those last few tiles, and your mortar is setting up and so you don't take time to shower or change or even to rub some of the mud out of your hair, you will run into every single person you know. 

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6 responses to “Cats, Saw Blades and Arctic Temperatures

  • P.S.

    again-hahhhahhahahhahhahahah! Thanks for the laugh! SO true! For me- it was my painting projects- short shorts, with paint splattered evrywhere- even the embarrassing "backed into" places- and my daughter won't come out of activity days. I must- in my unshowered- exausted mangy- tight budgeted way go into the newly re-decorated and landscaped million and a half dollar home of her activity day leader to retrieve her. (and I was only painting one wall)…

  • Jane Finchwood

    I love it!! I had to read it to my husband who actually does this kind of stuff for a living……Cats aren't afraid of the blade? I should try it with my cats and see what they do.

  • Kate

    Love it! Mice aren't afraid of the sound either.

  • Kimber

    That sounds like an interesting story….

  • Ginger

    Half your problems are solved if you A. put your gaurd on(as to solving the windsheild wiper problem. B.Take a black garbage bag and wear it! It is a great splash gaurd. from jason. He laughed pretty good as this is his favorite thing to work on is tiles

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