Hurricane Season in the Bathroom

My weekend home improvement efforts (repainting the front of my house and porch railing, restaining the gates, etc.) turned out so well that yesterday I started in on some other overdue projects. 
Cleaned some closets, printed step-by-step peeing instructions on the toilet seat in permanent marker, tore out the water-damaged baseboard in the kids' bathroom and threw away the torn shower curtain that was the source of the water problem around the bathtub. Bought a new one. Problem solved, right?
This morning, shortly before 5 am, I hear their shower going and I'm impressed: they must have not only discovered how to remove the new curtain from its package, they've installed it all by themselves. 
No, no, and no. They took their showers sans curtain. Such dedication to personal hygiene I did not know existed.
Just cogitate for a moment on the ramifications of such a course. Cogitate on the mindset that allows individuals to pursue such a course. 
I did. I stood there in the doorway, considering our new indoor reservoir and how I could possibly respond to this new development—and then I walked away. 
Not a word. I even made them waffles and passed the syrup with a smile. But the water in the bathroom? Not a word.
You know they deserved it.

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