Cameras in The Loo

If I installed a (fake) security camera above the toilet and put a large sign above it that reads, "This Camera Is Wireless And Audio Activated–If It Senses The Sound Of Any Liquid Striking Any Surface Other Than Water, Your Picture Will Be Taken" would this discourage or encourage peeing on the wall?
What if I threatened to broadcast the results on YouTube? Penalized the Pee-er with hard labor? What if I just put the bathrooms in lockdown and charged admission fees refundable upon inspection? What if I brought the ceiling down to about four feet so you had to sit? 
What if…..I made them build a latrine in the vacant lot next door??! 

Speaking of pee; right now my brother-in-law is getting his new kidney. All our prayers with you guys–and Jay, next time you come to visit, you, and you alone, can pee on any wall you want to.

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