Got Kidney?

I don't know if you remember my sister's one-time blog "Got Kidney?" which chronicled the events surrounding her husband's complete kidney failure and their weeks in a hospital far from home. She alternately made us laugh and cry as she shared their struggles and triumphs; this is a couple who can stare in the face of death, and all nausea aside, find things to laugh about.
But there isn't a lot you can do about kidneys; when they give up, they give up. Jay is in his early thirties and has three children and a lot to live for. He's been on dialysis for about a year and a half and has jumped through all the required hoops, found a donor (his father), and  tomorrow they go in for the transplant surgery together. 
Our prayers are with you guys! And call me if you ever need some company–I'll come.

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