Those of you who blog on Vox. That little "Create" button at the top of your screen there? I love that. It doesn't say, "Post" or "New Document" or anything else so dull. 

Gets you to thinking–this idea of creating, doesn't it? I am one of those people who go through rather pronounced emotional cycles. I feel things intensely; most days I wake up intensely happy, sad, or angry just as a result of what I dreamed. 
Anyway, I have realized that I am most genuinely happy when I have created something–a blog post that made you laugh or cry or question; a lesson that held seventeen teenaged girls in rapt attention; a quilt; or just order where before there was chaos. 
Anyway, ran across this little sound blip from a larger (and excellent) address about the creative aspect of our natures which was given at a Women's Conference one year ago. When I first listened to this talk, it electrified me, and every time I read it, I again feel truth resonate in my soul. A very short clip that someone has set to music and images:

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3 responses to “Create

  • Karen

    I absolutely LOVED that talk by Elder Uchdorf (sp?)– Create something as a means of staving off depression. That is absolutely awesomely brilliant. And I had to laugh when I read how you wake up in a mood depending on what you dreamed. Omigosh, if you only knew how often I woke up angry at my poor husband because I dreamed he was flirting with someone, or woke up feeling fat and hating myself because I dreamed I was at a buffet eating desserts by the bucketful. Haha! Loved your post!

  • Mandy

    I love to create. It's true that I am the happiest when I am creating…something, anything. Weather it's just me or doing something with the kids. To bring something into existence that wasn't there before is one of my most favorite things to do. When I am done sometimes I stand back and take a look at what I have created and say to myself "You are a genius!". I find it's the best way to boost my self esteem.

  • Kimber

    You crack me up! But really, you are a genius, so say it loud!

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