Had one of those nightmares last night from which you wake up seething at some poor individual totally undeserving of your ire and oblivious to their heinous actions in said nightmare. 

Left the poor soul alone and vented by scrubbing everything in my house . . . and okay, the cement outside my house, too. Didn't get too far with that though–there is a lot of cement out there. Took laundry soap and a scrub brush and a hose and lots of elbow grease and I'm maybe 1/5 of the way down the porch. 
Contemplating a paint job, too. Or six. Everything looks grubby this morning. 
I think my Spray 'n wash/detergent mixture has soaked long enough–off to test out another googled theory about how to clean cement. What is nap time for if not the random mixing and application of various household chemicals?

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