My six-year-old has been waking at the break of dawn every day for a week. Running upstairs, then creeping back down. Hmmm. 
This morning I was out on the lookout when he raced into the kitchen. He took inventory of the various camping supplies I've started to assemble and then started back down the stairs before catching sight of me. 
"Whatchya up to?" I asked him. 
"Well," he said. "Every morning I check to see if the food is still there–and then I know you didn't go to the cabin without me."
"We wouldn't go to the cabin without you!"
"I know, but I might be really hard to wake up, and then you might not notice."
Vote of confidence from the peanut gallery. Maybe he's noticed the size of the baggage under my eyes lately–if he only knew I've developed allergies to the very air I breathe (apparently) and is worried about my mental health. Maybe? Who am I kidding? He thinks I'm a lost cause. 

We are (read: Mom is)  trying to pack for a two-week camping trip, for eight people. Food for ten-ish. (Two of them are over 65, will only be there 5 days, and may or may not eat much, but one doesn't want to discount them entirely in the menu, correct?)

Whatever gave me the idea this would qualify as a vacation?
We don't have enough clothing to live in civilization for a week without doing laundry–therefore I'll be doing laundry in the river no matter how much I pack, so . . .  I'm thinking we'll really keep the baggage to a minimum and just take a clean change of clothing for the trip home.  They can wash themselves and their clothes in the river every morning, at the same time–right?
Set that one to agitating for now, on to food. Do you have any idea how much food it takes to feed eight people for two weeks? How much ice to keep it cool? Because I'm not willing to live on packaged/preserved food for two weeks.
Best of all, departure is scheduled for thirty minutes after the last children leave tomorrow. You know what I'll be doing tonight.
On a brighter note–the forecast where we're headed is at least twenty degrees cooler than here every day we'll be gone. Ahhhh. We've been sweating through triple digits the last few days and it's going to get hotter. 
And with any luck, whatever allergen is in the air here right now here won't be there.

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2 responses to “Packing

  • Mandy

    Sounds like bliss! I love camping, but I only have to pack for 2 adults and 3 children, who may or may not eat. In fact we(the three girls and I) are headed out camping on Monday. We will be with all the other grandkids and a few of my siblings and their spouses and My mom and dad. It should be a fun time!

  • Kimber

    Say hi to all! BTW–I reread that thing I sent you. Talk about missing/extra words! Good grief. Sorry it was so rough. Don't know how I missed all that.

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