Does Anyone Have a Pen?

Cleaned out my purse this weekend. Seemed like a good thing to do, as we were headed out of town; just keeping the baggage to a minimum, right?

Aside from things with a legitimate right to be there (pennies, bank and library and insurance cards) it contained:
  1. One safety pin
  2. Two peanut M&M's
  3. Three Legos
  4. Twenty-seven crayons 
  5. Nine ballpoint pens
  6. Three pencils  
  7. Four expired coupons
  8. Fourteen pieces of gum
  9. Six sticks of gum. As in unused. OH, you thought #8 referred to this? Oh no. Those fourteen were already chewed. What else do you do with your flavorless gum in the middle of church when Mom won't let you stick it to the bench in front of you? That's right, you wrap it in a bit of paper or foil and you drop it back where it came from. 
  10. Wrappers (gum, fruit snacks, granola bars, etc). No, I didn't count them. 
  11. A straw
  12. Thirteen phone numbers and/or addresses written on scraps of paper. Without names. I have no idea who they belong to.
  13. A full size pair of scissors. The funny thing is that my kids are always asking me, on car trips, etc, "Mom, do you have any scissors?" Like I carry around a full spectrum of office supplies with me. Give me a break. Fine–I stand corrected. But now I really don't have any.
Conspicuously missing? My nail clippers. Any currency more valuable than a nickel. The blue notepaper I wrote my bank account numbers on. (Eeeek.) 

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