Buddy Bear, The Sequel

Have been dreading, all weekend, the notebook. The Buddy Bear notebook I'm supposed to write in. The one that comes home with the small stuffed bear when my kindergarten son wins the privilege of taking the plush mascot home for the day. 

He had BB for the entire weekend–and there is an unspoken rule that if you have BB for the weekend, well. You'd better have something interesting to report. 
This morning I (grudgingly) took the notebook out and discovered that I needn't have worried; daughter #1 had taken the initiative and written the Lybbert entry for me:
"Today BB came home with W.  Taking no heed for the future, BB fearlessly leaped upon his gallant white steed and W jumped on his lion. As they took off through the mists of Babylon W pulled a hologram map from his awesome red Converse high-tops and suggested a hunting trip. BB stroked his polyester chin in thought. He gazed at the sky and tested the wind with his limp paw. With Yoda-like wisdom he replied, "Hunting, we will."

Our courageous adventurer argued with the stubbornness only napless kindergartnes have. But because of BB's species, bear hunting was not an option.  Unfortunately W insisted. BB leaped from his mount, flying through the purplish sunset, landing on W. "Work that way, it does not!" he growled. Tattling to mom was imminent so he slowly backed off the small blond boy, grunting, "For monarchs, or home we will go!"  

"Butterflies!" W shrieked, "That's stupid!" He stamped his foot, tears beginning to appear. 

This display did nothing to soften BB's steel heart. "Naughty you are. Bed you will go."  

W's feline mount roared baring his teeth at BB. Both circled, hair raised. For BB did not know the severity of the word bed to the lion. He had some incidents with the thing as a cub and the smell never quite came out of the sheets. 

The noble animal growled as if to say, "Leave him alone!" and backed away.  

BB and W both began to cry. Truly it was a fortuitous time for siesta. Taking his map out ounce again, W led the way through the mystical lands back home."

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2 responses to “Buddy Bear, The Sequel

  • This is Life

    Seriously??? Man that was pee my pants funny! (I'm wiping tears from my eyes) Wow that is fantastic! Why don't we get BB more often? I'm thinking it's because the teacher wants to see what is next from your house!-n

  • P.S.

    The apple doesn't fall far from the tree… Reminds me of the time when Todd and I were subbing in M's primary class and we decided on a cute game of hang man – to waste the last few minutes. We had things like M-o-m, d-o-g and toughies like s-k-y. On your daughters turn she did the word i-d-e-n-t-i-f-i-c-a-t-i-o-n. She was 7 going on 8.

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