Trust Me

Kimber, why can't we use your computer?

It's not a toy.
My mom lets me use her computer.
That's nice–but if you broke mine, I wouldn't be able to do my job anymore.
I wouldn't break it. Why would I break it?
What happened when I let you lose my stapler?
I broke it. 
What happened to my screen?
We tore it.  But we couldn't tear your computer
I know you wouldn't mean to break my computer, but you might accidentally break it. And you know how when I'm reading everyone wants to climb on us at the same time, and when I try to use the computer everyone wants to sit on my lap? They'll all want to climb on you too, and something will get broken.
What can I do?
Why don't you play with bubbles?
We already poured them all out.

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