Ten O’clock Paint Job

I read a suggestion somewhere that if you can't get your brain to turn off so you can sleep, try painting your entire body with a heavy gold paint, starting with your toes. The more difficulty you are having getting to sleep, the smaller you should imagine the paintbrush. 

Last night I imagined up a fairly decent size paintbrush. One small enough to get between the toes, but large enough that I wouldn't hyperventilate about how long it was taking to get the job done. 
Problem was, I couldn't really settle on what sort of paint brush it should be. And then I worried about spilling–is gold paint washable? Would it come off my sheets? How long would it take to dry?
I managed to evade these fresh worries enough that I was actually starting to feel pretty numb–to the point of not even caring that in order to paint my right arm, I'd have to operate the brush with my teeth, which would tense everything up again and nullify the whole experiment–in fact, I think I'd decided the brush could operate itself–when the phone rang, shattering the entire illusion. Turns out that not only will the paint not stain sheets, it doesn't hold up that well to a ringing telephone. Evaporates instantly. 

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One response to “Ten O’clock Paint Job

  • Grandma-P

    I would lay in bed wondering how I could pay for the gold paint and if I could afford to pay for it I would start worrying if my skin would be able to breath with my body covered in paint. My imagination would be so active I would be awake all night.

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