Admitting Defeat

Came across this blog wherein every day the reader is encouraged to do one simple thing (italics hers, not mine) to make their home more inviting. Hmmmm, I thought, I can do that. Especially when she assured me it wouldn't involve major purchases or paint cans.

Her list for today:

Consider rearranging pillows on the couch or chair.  Just because you've ALWAYS had the red pillow on the couch doesn't mean it won't look great on your bed. Or chair.

Pillows? Are you kidding? Every night it's a free-for-all: Who took my pillow?!!!!  I know we have more than eight pillows in the house–I just went and bought myself four–but there are never enough pillows, and they certainly don't have stations.

How about setting a stack of books and a candle on the coffee table?

Because someone would ingest both the pages and the wax.

Straighten the picture frames on the mantle that someone knocked over with a nerf ball.

A mantle? Seriously? She tried to lull me into a sense of camaraderie with the nerf ball comment, but I'm on to her.

Move a flower arrangement into another room.

Flower arrangement . . . this must be something else people with mantles have.

Set out some Spring place mats.

Because . . . I would want three surfaces to wash instead of one? The front and back of the placemat, and the table?

Hang fresh towels in the guest bath.  Garnish them with a folded washcloth over the top.

A mantle, flower arrangments, and now a guest bath?!!! See what I mean? People with flying stray nerf balls don't also have garnished guest baths. 

I think I'll go arrange the lumber pile in my dining room; maybe put the saw horses at a ninety degree angle to the windows this month. Change things up a bit. 

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6 responses to “Admitting Defeat

  • angie

    You're too funny. It would be my paper clip chewing, penny eating child who'd ingest your coffee table arrangement. Our coffee table used to look so pretty…now it has scratches from a certain someone using it as a stage with Cinderella heels.Something crusty I can't identify. Decorations? They're probably in the toy box. Or the backyard. Or at Kmber's.

  • Emjay

    LOL – your words are so true! Even when kids get past the eating the flower decoration stage you still can not "do" these things. Hell, even when they get to 20 you can't! 🙂 I think there is a stage between children leaving home and grandchildren arriving when the house can look like a Vogue page.

  • Jayne Crook

    I saw her blog. She is definitely not the mother of my children. Or any children at all. Oh, to have that kind of time on your hands. Poor girl. Has to move pillows around to make her happy. If my pillow is on my bed and nobody has pooped, peed, vomited, or put boogers on it than I am one happy lady. Aren't we lucky that we don't have to worry about the guest bath?? I only worry that my 3 year old doesn't flush the towel down the toilet……

  • Kimber

    Hah! Exactly! Last night M picked up his pillow and looked puzzled. I'd forgotten that one of the two year olds had regurgitated a cadbury egg on it. Ooops. Sorry.

  • The Genius Academy

    Guest bathroom??? What planet is this woman on? I had to put away the pot pourri because my youngest kept eating it 🙂

  • This is Life

    Oh this was a laugh out loud that I was needing today! good stuff!-nena

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