Ghost Dad

Did a double take at Wal-mart today. Thought I saw my father coming in the door.

I guess you'd call him my biological father. I was adopted at a young age by my other father. On second glance, the similarity wasn't very convincing. I probably thought about it for the duration of one breath.

But half an hour later I had the same experience. Different store, different man. Not a significantly better match, but enough to make me give him some serious scrutiny. Which made me remember the first man, and gave the whole morning a rather surreal feeling.

I've seen bio-dad once in the last fifteen years–and I'm sure I've seen lots of balding, mustached, middle-aged men in the intervening years without giving him a thought.  

Why I would search the features of a stranger looking for him intrigues me.

Is it just the novelty of familiarity in unexpected places?  

If I saw a woman who closely resembled me I'd probably give her a second glance, too. Just because. And maybe that's all it was.

Maybe there is something within us that demands we acknowledge our connections. Hey, I exist, and so do you. 

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One response to “Ghost Dad

  • Ginger

    I have done the same thing with E bio father. I hold my breath for that split second. I never have with bio father we share cause I did get to know him and he is a ghost dad.

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