Lessons from Mathew

Received two letters from DSHS today informing me that I have been issued two overpayments for the months of June and October totaling one hundred and sixty some dollars. I have ten days to get my response into their hands. 

So, after two hours of fuming and searching my records and reading the fine print of the Washington State Administrative code governing billing practices, I came to the conclusion that although I did bill incorrectly in one instance, it was because they invoiced me incorrectly in several instances, and if we really took the whole thing to the mat and re-invoiced and re-billed, they would end up owing me a total of ten dollars and nine cents.

I started in making photocopies and composing icily polite and pointed letters which would most assuredly start an entirely new and drawn out comedy of errors (and lots of postage because I am required to send all documentation and responses by certified mail) all while keeping two babies and three preschoolers happy and changed and redressed and fed and redressed, and nasally clear.

My head was splitting and little Boo was slapping at the power button on the computer and I was mentally uttering profane declarations of getting out of this business entirely, when I arrrived at a brilliant conclusion.

"Agree with thine adversary quickly, whiles thou art in the way with him."

I wrote a check for one hundred and sixty some dollars, stamped the envelope and put it in the mailbox.


I'm six inches taller and the air is clear.

Totally worth $162.

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